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Transformers 4


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I can't believe Michael Bay is working on Transformers 4! After he promised he wouldn't. Argh.


My bet is that Optimus, now severely damaged and 'done' will play a minor role, maybe a narrating role. I'm then betting that Ultra Magnus and the Dinobots will play a huge role and we'll no doubt get a Galvatron. Hot Rod's got to show up too, knowing Michael Bay's love of speed.


As much as love seeing reinventions of existing characters though, I'd love to see some entirely new Transformer characters. A new concept entirely.

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Oh man. I thought I had crossed over, reborn and reaching a new plateau of tolerance and acceptance for all things Bay--even Richard Bey, for that matter...


...but Mr. Mike seems bound and determined to stoke the long-extinguished flames of Bay Hate that I still have in my fannypack. He's still the devil, he's still evil and his inspiration seems less like inspiration and more like a 10-year old seeing a bottle of Anusol on the shelf for the first time.


He's in the Gary Busey stage of his career, and he fears anything at all?

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Sometimes i wonder, if his movies are so terrible then how do they make so much money in the box office? Usually its the opposite

Because his movies are visually spectacular and quite enjoyable to watch the first time. Michael Bay is very good at shooting dynamic action scenes and creating a magnificent sense of scale with the Transformers. The movies portray the Transformers as "Giant Effing Robots" better than any other medium. The problem is that there's not much more to them beyond that. Things like special effects and action are merely tools for telling a story -- and while Bay uses these tools very well, he doesn't really use them to tell a story; and that's where the movies fall flat.


A reviewer once described Michael Bay and the Transformers as an adult dangling car keys in front of a baby. At first the baby is absolutely enthralled and delighted, but then completely loses interest once the novelty wears off. A good movie is one that you can enjoy after watching it many many many times... like say the original Star Wars trilogy. A lot of people found Revenge of the Fallen tedious after watching it for the second or third time, whereas you could watch The Empire Strikes Back ten times and still love it (if anything, watching it again makes you like it even more :)).

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I remember reading somewhere that Bay is some kind of Idiot savant of sorts. Essentially, the way some of his movies are filmed and edited is enjoyed in abstract art houses. Those folks are nuts, but I do think the fact that somebody watching these big budget mindless summer movies as some kind of high art is hilarious.


Though, I admit, I do look forward to the next movie. Despite the turn off brain popcorn movie, the hype around them is fun. TF is just everywhere and it's easy and fun to let yourself get lost in all the stuff. Specially if BK does another TF burger and Snickers brings back that BB candy bar.

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"Popcorn movie" is exactly what they are. Which is sad, because we all know that Transformers COULD be so much more if directed properly. Look at Peter Jackson -- okay, the Lord of the Rings movies weren't perfect (I haven't seen The Hobbit yet, so no spoilers please), but they were a damn good attempt. They blitzed box offices and audiences loved them in cinemas and have continued to love them at home... people enjoy watching them over and over again. Jackson himself is a fan of Tolkien, and it shows.


Bay admitted that he was never a fan of Transformers before he did the film, and when Spielberg first called him to ask him to direct it, BAY HUNG UP ON SPIELBERG. :O Spielberg and Hasbro then did a lot of work to convince Michael Bay to change his mind - he did... but there just isn't any of that PRIDE in making the films that we see from Jackson in LOTR, or Chris Nolan in his Batman movies etc. Hell, I have more respect for George Lucas and his Star Wars prequels than Bay and his TF movies. As flawed as the SW prequels are, at least Lucas does take pride in what he does. We are meant to care about the protagonists in the film - Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker etc. Watching the execution of Order 66 was pretty emotional, I thought! Hayden Christianson sucked playing "Romantic Anakin," but he _excelled_ at playing "Emotionally Tormented and Angry Anakin"! :D When you see Darth Maul kill Qui Gon Jinn, the audience is shocked... Obi-Wan cries out and your heart breaks for him. He's just lost his master, which for a Jedi Padawan is the closest thing they have to a parent. Compare this to the general reaction to say seeing Jazz being ripped in half or Sentinel Prime being killed... seriously, did anyone REALLY care that they died? I mean, not withstanding G1 nostalgic bias... so NOT including reasons like, "Jazz was my favourite Autobot in G1, it sucked that he died!" -- I mean, what did Jazz DO in the film that elicited the audience to emotionally invest and give a hoot about him so that they'd be upset at his death? Because if we look at the film in isolation, he was basically some random Autobot who snuffed it. You ask a NON-fan about Jazz's death, and I bet you half of them would say, "Who?" :P


I'm looking forward to seeing the next TF film too, because it's Transformers and as a TF fan, that's enough to get me excited. :P But I'm not expecting to be seriously impressed by it. My expectation is that I'll love the film after watching it for the first time in the cinema, but then get jaded after a second or third viewing... cos that's what happened to me with the previous TF Bay films. Like I said, it's like dangling keys in front of a baby - incredibly exciting the first time, but not after the novelty wears off. :(

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Yeah, you just kinda munch your popcorn and watch the spectacle. I remember watching ROTF and telling folks 'yeah, movie blows, but the robot dork in me enjoyed the TF seems a lot'. Basically, I liked watching the robot action seems, which were fun. But damn, what a turd.


Then I went and got a TF burger, a TF snickers, and a TF Mtn Dew on my way to buy more toys.

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