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Why,The UGLY robot heads on Media TF toys.


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The mixture of metal and organically is fine. That's why blackarachnia is one of my favorite characters and who my car is named after. However, it's just down right laughable with the robots farting, humping legs, spitting. Getting slashed with a sword and spewing some kind of lubricant (oil perhaps?) is okay, because the mechanical side of them could use this. Bayverse is fine in the Bayverse. I consider it a stand alone story anyway. But in the movies, the faces are so jumbled up, you can't even make out features in their faces. That's one of the problems I have. And in all honesty, there really is nothing wrong with Bays formers (besides Einstein esque hair, farting, humping, some of the deceptions having 4 eyes, etc.). I just kind of have a grudge against the storytelling and what characters were brought in. I could make a whole thread on it. Megatron bowing down to the Fallen. The Fallen looking like a reject from Men In Black. Uggggh!!!


The ROTF Story was stupid, but I got a kick out of Wheelie humping Mikeala's leg. And at least with the more than 2 eye, it was reasonable. Like Scorponok he had the same amount of eyes as a Scorpion has. Ravage looked awesome as a cyclops dog. Frenzy only had his two main eyes and extra eyes because he was all about information and hacking so they were needed. Megatron bowing to the Fallen would have been good, if the Fallen was actually a harbinger of Unicron. Considering what Megatron stood for and what the Fallen was. it was hard to believe that Megatron would bow to him.


I do have to ask Fatherdeth, is your car the same colors as Blackarachnia?

LOL!!! Noooo, it's a Carbon Black Metallic Buick Regal Gran Sport. It has flat black decepticon logos on either side front doors and the trunk lip. It also has a 12" Silver Decelticon logo on the rear glass, and a silver logo on the front bumper. They're all subtle. I'll post some pictures sometime. Now the MINI Cooper I sold last year to get the Buick was named Blackarachnia as well and was completely blacked out with no Decepticon logos, but the interior was done in purple. Oh, and those are norhing until you see a pucture of my old Nemesis Prime and a NBE 1 I did!!! Sorry for the off topicness!! LOL!!

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I attribute the different style robot heads as being because they aren't meant to represent the same character as from way back when in G1. Generally, anyway. DOTM's main problem I believe wasn't so much the heads as it was not really doing anything different from ROTF. Similar level of accuracy to the character designs for better or for worse, but smaller, blander looking, and a converting accessory tossed in. I have no idea if that's true or not, but that's what I think.


Prime borrows heavily from the movies while also mixing in some G1 and Animated style choices to tone it down and look really cool to kids. (there's no way I would want to take a 5 year old to any of the Micheal Bay movies) I happen to like the look of the characters. Starscream looks great as a sneaky snake of a character. Megatron looks like a powerful warrior in armor with a scarred, almost skeletal face in a vaguely bucket shaped helmet. Soundwave has no real face - and it just works for its sheer creepiness. I probably could go on.


Now, there are some really ugly heads in media. Skids and Mudflap will never win any beauty contests, as a good example. And I'd hardly say that people haven't any knowledge of the Classics style lines such as Generations. It may not be important with everyone, but it's out there and has proven popular enough and profitable enough for Hasbro to keep reviving it in some way.

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Well to be honest... I don't really mind the heads. I mean they have to match the style of the settings, or else it would look cheap and cheesy.



Needless to say the only transformers line that I despise most of the head sculpts would have to be Star Wars TF's, I just don't get the warped look they give of the heads. The only competent darth vader head sculpt they have done was the first and it had long-neck syndrome due to the shoulder placement. Its sad when they cant make actual robots look like robots. -_-


Which is odd because the majority of the marvel TF's don't seem to be as bad.

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LOL!!! Noooo, it's a Carbon Black Metallic Buick Regal Gran Sport. It has flat black decepticon logos on either side front doors and the trunk lip. It also has a 12" Silver Decelticon logo on the rear glass, and a silver logo on the front bumper. They're all subtle. I'll post some pictures sometime. Now the MINI Cooper I sold last year to get the Buick was named Blackarachnia as well and was completely blacked out with no Decepticon logos, but the interior was done in purple. Oh, and those are norhing until you see a pucture of my old Nemesis Prime and a NBE 1 I did!!! Sorry for the off topicness!! LOL!!


Can not wait to see the pics when you get around to it FatherDeth


and Blitz , If someone can not understand how science was used to make the robots as realistic as possible even though it is fact that it was done and wants to bash and say its an opinion that is on them. I've just gotten tired of people constantly bashing the movieverse. Or here where SP bashes everything that is not G1 faithful exact. And I respect everyone's opinions until it just becomes whining and straight out attack. Everyone here knows I hate Animated but I do not bash it all the time, most of the time I just say its crap and leave it at that, I do not go after people for liking it. Cause to each their own, but with a straight out attack on one even after proving them roving them wrong and they get whining. I still have not even attacked SP, But if it wants to be taken that I told him to quit bashing everything already as an attack than that is your perception. I view it as being tired of the attacks on specific lines especially after I showed them that the realism is true. Sorry kind of hard to argue with Dr Michio Kaku's stature especially after he build one, and of the science that was used to created the Transformers was to make them as realistic as possible so they coudl exist in the real world.

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Shadow Panther: I don't think people are necessarily ganging up on you, but as ShellformerV1 basically said, if you're going to say something that runs against the majority opinion, then you'd better be prepared to back yourself up. For example, if someone comes along and says, "G1 is crap" -- okay, there's nothing wrong with this opinion per se, but considering that the majority of folks here love G1, if someone's going to make this assertion, then they ought to be ready to explain why and counter any rebuttals that come along to cross-examine their opinions. Also... if any particular users really start to aggravate you, this board has an Ignore User function. Once you add a user onto that list, all of their posts becomes invisible to you... it's bliss. :D

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Everyone has a right to an opinion. So don't cry if the majority of the people don't side with it. I rub against the grain on a lot of issues, but I don't get distraught or moody about it. Realize that not everyone shares the same opinion. The important thing about an opinion is that you must strongly believe in it. If you state an opinion simply for conversation or adversity, it's worthless.


Certainly hope that's not what you're trying to do SP...

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Those of us who like the movie designs are the minority that is true, but slowly more and more people are starting to think they are not that bad.. I like them, because they are realistic and gave the Transformers a true refreshing feel. That has not been done since Beast Wars. Nowa days there are half of my top ten favorite Transformers are from the MovieVerse


1) Buster Optimus Prime

2) God Ginrai (G1)

3) Skyhammer (DOTM)

4) Onslaught (G1)

5) Big Convoy (BWNeo)

6) Mindwipe (ROTF)

7) Longarm (TF2007)

8) Onslaught with Butcher Upgrade (Universe 2.0)

9) Leader Brawl (TF2007)

10) Soundblaster (Galaxy Force)


Buster Optimus Prime is my top figure as far as I am concenred

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I consider myself firstly and foremostly an open-minded, progressive TF fan. G1 started it all, and when all else fails, I find myself drawing upon the default, and I did use to consider myself a "geewunner." But G1 had its faults and it had its limitations, as much as I do celebrate and love it. I find myself extremely thankful that other continuities came along to expand on the initial idea--which is all Transformers did in the beginning, anyway. It expanded heavily on an initial idea and turned it into something else completely.


My appreciation extends itself even to continuities I am not sufficiently familiar with (the Beast Era) or just plain did not like (the entire AEC era and the actual film aspect of the Bayverse). All these continuities did something to further the TF multiverse and that is a good thing. That goes for the designs as well. As much as I love the designs of most traditional G1 characters (particularly those central to S3 of the original TV series), the Bayverse has done, IMHO, something truly special from a design standpoint. Each character is supremely intricate, complex, detailed and yet...they somehow manage to stand apart--to me, at least. They represent a departure from the mainstream and that's awesome. I've stated what limits I believe the Bayverse designs have and there's no need for me to do so again, but by and large, I believe that the designs are nearly without flaw. I prefer, honestly, the designs for the Prime characters because they nicely blend several different continuities together at once, but that's just me. Fundamentally, the Prime designs are doing the same "morphing" thing the Bayverse designs are doing (which makes me wish we'd see more model kits for more Bayverse characters, as they lend themselves better to that), so they are basically the same thing. Some elements of the Bayverse mechs have even become canon. And some of the toys that have come out of the Bayverse are simply mind-blowing. ROTF Mixmaster; HA Jazz and HFTD/ROTF LC Starscream are simply without flaw.

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I'm with you on Leader Brawl there Lord Onslaught. What remarkable toy!!! Being in base housing, I'm very, very limited on the amount of figures I can display. LC Brawl gets a special spot. I love the rectangular, slanted eyes. It gives him an evil look, and boy is he armed to the teeth!! And, again, I have nothing against the movie designs, some of them are just not my favorite. Skids, Mudflap, Que, Sentinel Prime, The Doctor, the Fallen all need to go. Barricade, Bonecrusher, Brawl, Blackout all get props for having cool faces. Then you have to give Bay credit for bringing in G1 faces into play. Jazz, Shockwave, and Optimus.....straight up G1, with Megatron having somewhat a bucket for a head. Laserbeak talked like he did in the comicbook, Ravage had his hip mounted cannons. Also, did Bay introduce the fact that Optimus has a mouth under his face plate? I could have sworn it was done in the G1 comic book. If he did, that's good on him as well. Also, he did homages to different continuities.....Beast Wars, Armada, G1, Kiss Players (Soundwave's tentacles about to go up Carlie's dress...LOL!!), etc. So, the movie series itsn't all that bad. I guess everything will always have some negatives to it.

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