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Confrontations over a toy


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Today my freind and I were talking, and this subject came up when we were talking about the popularity over the starting lineup figures and he tolde a little story.


This goes back to 2007. My freind and his brother went to a Target to buy some stuff and he went to look at the Transformers section, and this was when the 2007 movie toyline was on the shelves. So he picked up the 74 Camaro BB figure and thought it was cool looking so he was going to purchase it.


So as he was holding BB he noticed a guy staring at him so he decided to go to another area, as he did he noticed the guy following him. So as he was walking through the store the guy kept following him. So he made his way over to the bedding section to look at the sheets and saw that the guy was still following him, so he turned to him and said can I help you? And this guy asked my freind if he was going to buy BB.


So my freind told him to go away and leave him be, so he went into the next isle and was still watching him, and was still following my freind. So he called the manager over and told him what was going on, so the manager walked over to the guy and told him that he was disturbing the customer, and that if he diddn't stop he would be asked to leave.


So my freind(whose name is Dave) watched in pleasure as the guy started to get rowdy and had the big burly security guard escort him out of the store. After all that happened Dave put BB back, thinking it just wasn't worth almost starting a fight over a Transformer toy.


The stories not over yet


So Dave met up with his brother after he bought his stuff and they left. When they got out of the store there was the guy waiting for Dave, he got in his face and started yelling at him because Dave got him kicked out. Now one thing you should know about Dave(and his brother Eddie) is that getting in the face of one of them is a bad idea, but getting in the face of one when the other is nearby is considered suicide. And long story short, the guy backed off.


Thankfully, I have never had any confrontations like that. Has anybody else on here had this happen to them?


It's definately not worth getting into a fight over a toy.

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Thanks for the story,it was a great read.


Wow getting over obsessed about TF wave one first initial release figures is crazy. these first wave/first initial figures are always made in the highest volume units & are everywhere.


Worst thing about this story,it was bumblebee. I can sorta understand if this took place at TRU & this was a low volume TF MP TF toy.


Thankfully,I've never come across any rabid fans like this in my local stores.


I live on the far east coast of america,we get TF toys dead last. So we have fewer scalpers & hardly any confrontations incidents.

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daaaaaaaamn, my only guess is that the guy had a chip on his shoulder to begin with. Like, I don't think he wanted the toy, but wanted to harass some "nerd" about buying toys. Little did he know playground bullying does not work in the real world.


If he did want the toy and was willing to get physically violent over it...that's some hardcore insanity at work. I feel sorry for any small children that gets in his way.




The closest thing I have had to this happen was in a target about the time HA jazz first came out. There is this certain fellow that frequents the stores that I am fairly certain is a scalper, he cleaned out TRU of all the Animated Arcee's, and was in target buying several HA jazz's "this was actually just after the cigarette fiasco, and was probably stocking up for a recall". Anyways I was irritated at first, cause it appeared he had cleaned the shelves, but I got even, because on the next aisle was a HA skids marked down to $10. He saw the clearance sticker and started to say something, puffed up, huffed, and headed towards the front. XD


Whats funny is that later I stumbled upon a display packed with jazz's. So I ended up getting the better deal :D.

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Nope, but Lord Onslaught has great story to share. If I recall properly, it happened in a Target too....

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Yes it did happen at Target.


I was at Target looking at the Transformers I picked one up I forget which it was but sure it was Energon or Cybertron. Anyway. It was the only one on the shelf and I had a little kid grab my pant leg, and he looked like he was going to start crying while staring at the figure I had. So me knowing that even if it is the last one sooner or later it will be back in stock. But a little kid is not going to, you know how they are. If it is the last one it is the last one forever. So I said here, and gave the kid the figure. and I went back to looking at other figures. When a guy comes up and grabs the figure out of the kids hands. Needless to say the kid is bawling and the mom asked the guy what was wrong with him, He said F*** You and I said hey give it back to the kid and watch your mouth. So he started swearing at me and there is a stocker nearby but he stayed back. I told him to give it back to the kid and I'm in his face. again he said F*** You and leaned back and took a swing. So I blocked him and uppercutted his ass and he fell. The store manager came and told me I had to leave along with the guy on the ground before he called the cops. I said sure, but before I left the aisle, I picked up the Transformer and gave it back to the kid. he smiled said thanks, so that made the whole incident worth it.

After we got escorted out, and the other guy left, the store manager told me, I could comeback the next day and thought it was cool how I did that for the kid.

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This actually reminds me of another incident I was a part of at Toys R Us.


I was in the Transformers Aisle picking up Perceptor and this guy, I'm betting is a scalper came by and grabbed all 5 of the Animated Arcee's off their peg. he looked at me and said I should have grabbed one. I told him he missed the rest of the Animated and I don't care for those ones. Anyway he headed up to the checkout line and by the time I got up there he was arguing with teh cashier because they put a limit on how many of the Arcee's one can buy at a time aparantly he was only allowed to buy 2 and he had 8 or so. He finally agreed to buying two since they wouldn't let him do multiple transactions. As he was leaving I said very loudly I will take 1 of the Arcee's he left behind. He stopped and looked at me and I just smiled. Then he stormed out the door.. I just looked back at the cahsier smiled and laughed as I paid for Perceptor and Arcee.


This next one does not have any confrontation in it, but I still think it is funny.

I was at Walmart, I was buying a few groceries and stopped by the Transformers Aisle and found the last Human Alliance Sideswipe. Anyway as the cashier was ringing me up she got called away for a second leaving Sideswipe on the barcode reader. When she came back she was looking at me while she put Sideswipe in the bag, not realizing that the scanner did not process Sideswipe but my next item was read and she hit the total which was $16 something. Me knowing right away that Sideswipe didn't read. I did not say anything cause at that point that falls on the cashier. I paid my total and walked out knowing that I had just gotten Sideswipe for free. She did look pissed, so whatever was said to her made her mad, and didn't care. I've been back to that Walmart multiple times and never had an incident. So I know the fact that she failed to ring up Sideswipe was never noticed.

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Wow snatching a toy right from a childs hands. That guy really needs to be strung up by his ballsack. Dave really doesn't collect alot of transformers, occasionally he will pick up a transformer that he really likes. He's more of a comicbook fan, and he collects the DC and Marvel figures as well. Plus he's a big fan of Batgirl, the guy Dave encountered was the typical geek, he also said that the guy already had his hands full with other figures, so the guy was probably a scalper as well.


But like I said, I have never had any encounters with people like that. I have met other fellow transformer fans and they've been really cool.

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Yeah well its people like this that, that give the rest of us a bad name.. Even though in the past I have been called a scalper because I've bought more then 2 of the same figure a few times but that was to help others out, who were looking for them and I only charged cost and shipping. I though it was funny when I bought 2 Prime Soundwaves. This one guy gave me a look, so I took one of them and left it on the peg and bought the other two. I wasn't doing it as a scalper, I still have 3 Soundwaves two of them are loose and the 3rd is on the wall MISB.

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Not over a toy, but over toy fandom. Long story short, there was a guy - we didn't get along online, he got banned from our community. He tries cyberstalking me, but I try to block/ignore him as much as possible. Then he starts stalking me in real life. At one fan meet he approached the table where my friends and I were sitting, so I yelled at him to go away and leave me alone. He yells back. I yell for security. They escorted him out of the shopping centre. A few weeks later I take him to Community Justice Centre mediation (it's an alternative to taking someone to Court) and we have an agreement signed up where we're supposed to leave each other the hell alone (suits me just fine). I never seek him out, but he occasionally tries to communicate with me under false guises... but as soon as I find out it's him, either he gets banned again, or I block/ignore him. I have no interest in interacting with this guy in any way, shape or form, and I wish he'd just leave me alone.


I guess some people are too self-centred/spoiled/arrogant/conceited to take no for an answer. (-_-)

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