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Should Hasbro commission an adult Transformers cartoon?

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Adult-oriented Transformers Animation  

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  1. 1. Should Hasbro make an adult-oriented TF cartoon?

    • I'd love to see an adult-oriented Classicsverse cartoon
    • I'd love to see an adult-oriented TF cartoon but it doesn't have to be Classicsverse
    • I think Transformers cartoons should remain being primarily made for kids
    • Other (please specify)

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I think what hasbro should do is make straight to DVD/Bluray movies. They can do what Dc does. Pick a story line people enjoyed and make it a cartoon. Dc just did it with Justice League Doom.

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what I'd love to see, Transformers made exactly like Transformers: The Movie was made. Current Rock music. Lots of action, some death once in awhile. Eventually work in a human element with stolen tech from the transformers(ala Mech from Transformers Prime). No annoying kids that are worthless. If there has to be a kid element make them worth something, geniuses, mechanics, things of that nature. bring back the fight for energon which can be made from natural resources. Bring back the autobot matrix of leadership(from the animated movie). Bring back Combiners! Tranformers Prime is ok but stupid at the same time. Just a couple autobots vs unending decepticons that all look the same except Megatron and the main baddies and nobody can ever shoot each other and when they do there's very little damage most of the time.


Just some thoughts.

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Blitzwing was never supposed to be smart. One personality is insane, another angry and another cold and collected.


Find me one TF show that doesnt have a powerful brute who is nothing more then a powerful brute. And again, he's supposed to just be barely smarter then a drone. They didnt do an intelligent character badly, they did a powerful idiot well.


Wasp was excellent! He was talented, competitive, had a bright future, then had his mind severely broken after being framed. So yeah he ran the full gamut from overconfident not-crazy to giant superpowered crazy-bug. When did Steve Urkel ever seem powerful or insane? Confident maybe but the dude couldn't back it up whereas Wasp did. How is that 1-D?


Bulkhead and Bumblebee are basically 1-D but what do you excpect from the kid magnets? At least they got fleshed out backstories and coming of age tales? Gave them some depth.


Starscream was kick ass too. Even the bits where hes just a head had me rollin'. Everyone likes what they like I guess.


Sari started off HORRIBLE and ended BEAUTIFULLY. She became the best human sidekick ever. And the most powerful. And the most interesting.


Hello? Just about every cartoon and every other TV show has episodes not tied to a central plot. You know how exhaustive a plot can get over 12-24 episodes?


I hated the Animation style too at first but it looks better in motion and the animators did a good job for the most part with the episodes. I like robots, but I'm glad Animated gave us a break from the classic and movie stylings. Do I want it all the time, no but just rehashing the same designs over and over is what makes something stale out.


Animated did have serious undertones in it's main story arch, but you probably have to watch them to see it. To me it was the perfect blend of action, comedy, story and fan service. A/E/C was absolute garbage. I really, really tried to get into it, but those shows just suck so hard. I hated the stories, I hated the characters and I hated the animation. The 3D on 2D backgrounds look like shit and felt like my eyes were trying to eat their way out the back of my head to escape. Like a cancer was gnawing behind my eyeballs. Not to mention the toyline was HORRID. A/E/C drove me away from the fandom for the better part of a decade. Thats how much I hate it.



What Breaker said.


It's been a long time since I've had to put my Animated hat on, but Animated was--IMHO--the single best TF program I've ever seen. Prime is excellent, but it still has a little ways to go. Animated found a way to make the franchise what it should be again: FUN.


I'll expand on what Breaker said about the individual characters:


Blitzwing and Lugnut were, essentially, siege warriors. They were not intended to be Einsteins. With that said, both Lugnut and Blitzwing (in his icy persona) showed the capacity to operate in a limited leadership role (See Decepticon Air) fairly effectively, or at least make sound decisions when left on their own at least some of the time.


Waspinator was incredibly awesome, and had the show been allowed to fully run its course, who knows what further threat he would have presented? The idea of fully techno-organic Cybertronians-first introduced in the Beast Wars continuity--has always held a fascination with me in that it seems to make the Animated robots more fully alien--much more so than the Bayverse designs, which are much heralded for their "realism" and "extraterrrestial nature." The Bayverse designs--which I love--look incredibly man-made, not at all alien. The Animated designs, with their organic looks and trappings, satisfy me much more as a several-billion years old alien evolution of robotics and nanotechnology than the Bayverse ever could.


Bumblebee and Bulkhead are being judged too harshly. According to the AllSpark Almanac vol. 2, these two characters are WIPs. With that said, this 'Bee has arguably the most extensive backstory of any 'Bee I've ever seen on T.V., and they did try to flesh Bulkhead out. With that said, Bulkhead was my least favorite member of the main cast. But he was, like I said, very much a WIP.


Other than some of the humans on Prime, Sari was the best human character ever seen in a TF continuity, regardless of medium. Period. She wasn't just there to provide hijinks and slapstick, she was there to fulfill a greater purpose. Animated simply never got to tell that story.


Did Starscream start to devolve into comic relief? Sort of, yeah. But I find that accusation jarring from someone who has claimed, more than once, to be all about G1. Anybody else remember S2 of the original Sunbow series? I've always loved the character, but I find myself referencing S1, because Screamer had become intolerable comic relief by S2. He was completely ineffective and unbelievable. Animated Screamer came, more than once, the closest of any incarnation of the character this side of Prime to being a legit threat and deposing Megs. Even the Bayverse incarnation of the character travelled that slippery slope a bit.


Back on topic:


I believe that Prime is as adult as any TF series or movie need go. For starters, the franchise is--as has been pointed out more than once here--for children. But, even if a TF series/movie were to become more "Adult," it would perhaps still disappoint because I haven't seen a TF continuity fully and maturely embrace the concept of war and tell that story with the maturity and dignity and intelligence that it deserves. Nor do I believe that we will ever see this happen. We will never see the TF equivalent of Shin Kujakou or even The Legend of Korra in our lifetime. I don't believe an American audience would support it or even know HOW to support it.

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I vote yes, though I know Hasbro would never finance it. What I would like to see are several select episodes of G1 completely redone in CG using for the most part the original audio track. When I say several select episodes I am really referring to 90% of Season 1, 10% of season 2, TFTAM, and about 7% of season 3


Why? Those stories have been told, the episodes exist. Now if we had a situation like much of 60s Dr. Who where the episodes were lost, I could see this, but why invest all the effort into simply refreshing the look of some G1 episodes which are readily available at Walmart and on Netflix? I prefer traditional cel animation - making CGI versions of those episodes wouldn't be improving anything in my book. Except maybe removing some of the animation errors, I admit.

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