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DOTM = Fail


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So here I am again complaining about the DOTM line. Its not because its the bayverse, its not because the line killed the Generations line... It's because they are CRAP!!! God these figures suck!

1. They aren't even the same size as the othe movie lines.

2. They didn't bother painting 80% of the figures.

3. There are 800 mudflaps and skids clogging the local wal-mart shelves.

4. Mech-tech sucks, the weapons are useless, oversized, and don't have anything to do with the friggin movie.

5. There are already 4-5 bumblebees and they haven't even made figures for the whole cast yet.

6. Ultimate prime looks goofy with an over sized trailer.

7. IronHide is a joke with tiny itty bitty arms.

8. Megatron looks nothing like the movie version. Where my madmax shotgun dangit!

9. Why is it there are more characters in the cyberverse then the normal line?

10. Is it just me or is the plastic easier to snap?

11. Why is it there are only 5 figures in the voyager line and its almost christmas?

12. Deluxe ratchet gets more love then voyager prime... Wtf?

13. Tiny arms on IronHide arghhhhhhhhh!!!!

14. I know this isn't about the figures, but wtf happened to chromia, jolt, skidds, mudflap, and "the doctor"??? I know those tiny bugs crawling on megatron were look alikes to scalpel (i.e. The doctor), but you can't have four transformers just not exist anymore because its makes bloody plot holes!!! Chromia was the only member of the arcee sisters that didn't get blown up, jolt didn't die, and if bay hated the twins so bad why not kill them like they had in the movie novel, with skidds saving bumblebee and dying, and mudflap attacking sentinel so the other could get away? Jesus Bay you suck, even using the scene from island was a bloody joke..

Hmm I lost count after the rant, oh well... Simply put DOTM = FAIL bring on the Prime line at least some of those figures look decent.

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I woulden't say the dotm toyline sucked, some of the figures are actually pretty good. Deluxe Topspin, voyager Skyhammer, leader class Ironhide blows the voyager class version out of the water, human alliance Roadbuster is also a good example of a great figure. Do we really need more Mudflap and Skids figures? Oh and FYI the reason the deluxe Ratchet is getting more love then voyager Prime is because voyager Prime in my opinion sucked, the voyager Prime offerings from the last 2 movies are so much better.


Some of the mechtech weapons are good, mainly the yoyager class ones because you could lock a piece in unlike the deluxe class ones. I would say wait untill the Christmas season, you will definitely see more figures released.

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Actually a lot of the figures are really good, Top spin, Roadbuster, Skyhammer, Skywarp, Thundercracker. Just to name a few and DOTM did not kill Generations. Generations is coming back later this yeah with Black Shadow (aka Sky Shadow and Junkheap plus a few more I am sure of)

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The Deluxes has definitely suffered the worst in the DOTM line. Voyager OP was horrible and Leader BB is a waste of plastic. But there are bright spots, with Skyhammer rating at the top for me.

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Personally I've enjoyed the line the most of the 3 movie lines. I'm really angry that Hasbro blew the 2nd half, (hell maybe 3/4) totally off. In the past lines, some of the not in movie figures were the best ones of the bunch. Same for this line, Skyhammer is awesome! I'm also having fun with the basic HA figures as well.


Nothing in the original post is anything new and most of it very fixable. First off, any cosmetic problems can easily enough be remedied if really bothers someone that bad. I used to take that stance of saying that I don't pay money to have to paint figures myself, but I did it anyway. You know what? It's actually kinda fun! Adds a new element to collecting and lets one personalize their own figures the way they want them. Really, it's not so bad! I think most people are just too afraid to screw up a good figure. Fair enough! Practice on crappy ones then. With the use of some really good tutorials posted all over, it's a piece of cake to get good at. And I have ZERO artistic ability, but even I have managed to do some things that amazed myself.


Mechtech weapons shouldn't be that big of an issue. Don't like them, easy, grab a shoe box and fill it up. Problem solved! Still don't like them? Sell the lot on ebay and use the money to buy something else you do like. Nice bonus! The voyager Mechtech weapons I've found to be pretty good. The deluxe has that fatal flaw of not being able to lock. Remove the springs and tighten the inner sprockets and that problem goes away. Some are clunky and funky, but a few are really pretty cool. Keep in mind though, this keeps the gimmick separate from the figure so for once, the figure is not in some way hindered by it's gimmick. That should score a few more points than it has been.



For the minor size down scaling, I don't have a problem with that one bit if that helps keep the prices down. One of the main reasons why I was able to keep up so well with this line is because the figures weren't as expensive as they were for ROTF. We were paying an average of $3-$4 more per figure and there weren't a whole lot of great sales going on that helped us out. The difference in price definitely outweighs the difference in size. And again about the gimmick, there was no need to incorporate one into the figure itself, so it doesn't have any extra unnecessary crap built into it that would add some of that extra size and weight.


I think some of the best of all of the movie figures have come out of this line. That's what hurts the most. Most of the deluxe line save a handful of figs are right at the top. To me, the weakest figures (and by no means do I mean bad) are voyager Ironhide and Optimus, and HA Leadfoot. I can't really find much fault with anything beyond that. I pretty much love them all now that I look around and really think about it.




I haven't snapped any plastic. That's never really been a problem for me, not even with my Animated figures which I KNOW will snap eventually. Not counting bad joints, I find this plastic, though more light, to be just as durable as any other plastic. I've always thought the #1 most overly griped about for nothing subject has been the plastic quality.




....And for the record the movie line didn't kill Generations. The long lost Warpath/Wheeljack/Thundercracker case has been growing in circulation as of late and we've seen the upcoming releases that will be out soon. Not dead, just sleeping!

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I agree with much that your saying. My biggest complaint is a lack of offerings. Even with Wheeljack, Leadfoot and various Soundwaves on the way it still doesnt seem like a lot.



1. Skyhammer is. But yeah it's pretty disappointing. Im hoping for a leader Megs just so I can have one that will fit in with previous voyagers.

2. Megatron.

3. There are no Mudflaps. Only Skids.

4. Out of the ones I own Laserbeak is the only one with an actual cool MechTech weapon.

5. Mirage/Dino probably wont be made because another toy company owns the rights to make Ferrari toys. Brains is highly doubtful. Remember we never got everyone from ROTF either. Namely Scrapper. But at least we got a TON of off-screen characters. This time around were gettin nada.

6. Ultimate Prime looks goofier with the armor on.

7. *shrugs*

8. Need shotgun!

9. *shrugs*

10. *shrugs*

11. I could write about this. But it'd take too long.

12. *shrugs*

13. *shrugs*

14. Bay never liked the Wheelsnakes so of course to him they were considered dead. Skids and Mudflap were supposed to be killed in the movie like they were in ROTF. There is even a scene where you can see Mudflap and Skids in the back of a convoy with the rest of the Autobots for a split second. The scenes with them I think were just cut for time and probably budget reasons. Plus who gives a shit, those characters suck. Jolt was barely in ROTF but he was in DOTM. You can see him just to the right of where the camera isn't facing.

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I could have told you this line sucked just by looking at them. In fact, the entire movie line (TF, RotF and DotM) sucks! Bad robot designs are bad. First time in a TF line where I prefer the alt modes over the robot modes. :doh

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1. Overall I'm satisfied with the scaling.

2. Hasbro's been tight arses with paint apps for quite some time now. The movie line's not the only one.

3. Nitro Bumblebee's the pegwarmer here and Autobot Ark is shelfwarming. But overall this line doesn't appear to be shelfwarming as bad as ROTF... so far.

4. I like the Mechtech gimmick -- it's fun!! :D And it's clever how the ports can cover themselves, and also the overall engineering of the toys don't seem to be compromised by the Mechtech gimmicks, unlike say electronic sound gimmicks (ggrrr). If you really don't like the Mechtech weapons, just set them aside.

5. Yeah, I agree with this sentiment. Where the hell are Wheeljack and Mirage, damnit?!?

6. After getting this toy last night... he's not too bad. Not fantastic either... I reckon the Japanese Voyager trailer is nicer. I bet you anything Hasbro's gonna released that now that I have Ultimate OP. :P

7. So don't get him. I already have Ironhide from the first movie -- the character hasn't changed since so I see no reason to get another one.

8. So having a different weapon makes him look "nothing" like the screen character? Also remember that it takes about a year for HasTak to make a TF toy... it's possible that his shottie was added in some time later -- after Paramount had given the basic robot design to Hasbro. I like his Mech Tech gun -- it's cool how it can lock out in gun mode and I like how it can attach to his arm, a neat nod to G1 Megs.

9. Because they're cheaper and they can sell more of them. Remember that the majority of people who buy Transformers are parents. Smaller toys are always made in larger amounts - this has been the case since 1984.

10. I haven't noticed any deterioration in plastic quality with the DotM toys.

11. <shrug>

12. Yeah, Voyager Prime looks stoopid.

13. So don't buy it!!

14. Chromia and Arcee are MIA after Elita-One was killed by Shockwave. Jolt, Skids and Mudflap were killed by Shockwave. As you said, Doctor Scalpel may have been one of those robots crawling around Megatron trying to fix him.

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