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I'd actually love for them to start again from about quarter of the way through the animated movie.


I'd have the very start in a blurr and slow motion, people panicking in the medical bays at Autobot city. First Aid trying to piece an Autobot together when all of a sudden Kup come in as fast as he can with a heavy Optimus Prime on top of him. Hot Rod in very close pursuit.


Then I'd have Hotrod taking a panicked look over at the bay that Percepto'r sfirst trying to fix Prime up at, and have the story go from there.


I'd also like to write in a part where people are told of Brawns last dying act on the shuttle, basically, he comes to in time to pilot what's left of the shuttle away from crashing into any civilisation, but takes his own life in doing so. I can't be the only one who thinks Brawn would have survived that shot from megatron, am I?

Agreed. Brawn was tougher than that.

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As much as I love Optimus I can stand seeing a "Transformers the next generation" storyline with a few new and old villans and a few new and old heros. I'd say why do we have to add a Prime as the focal point of the story. There obviously has to be more leaders in the cosmos that weren't touched by the matrix or Vector Sigma. Or maybe because of their brief interaction with these devices these leaders become more fortified in their quest. Why can't Ultra Magnus finally take the mantel of leadership. I'd think that in the eonsof battle the soldier will finally want to take the form of LEADER and as a fantastic adversary, why not G-1 Skorpinox or Energon Skorpy...because I just can't get enough of that mold. There can be a wild adverture out there. I'd love to see all Cybertronian modes for flight and water and on both sides new schemes for combiners using the animals of that planet. MAybe they're all aquatic and airel animals.


There's a lot that can be done with a new storyline.

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Or what about appliances? One thing I love about toys like G1 1984 Megatron, G1 Soundwave, G1 1985 Shockwave, G1 Perceptor, G1 microcassettes, G1 1985 Blaster, Reflector and the Real Gear Robots was the fact that they were like "real life" scaled objects that you could role play with! :D It'd be neat to have more stuff like mobile phones (maybe acquire licences for specific models like iPhone, Nokia, Samsung etc.), iPad, more Device Label stuff etc.


Or what about things you can find in an urban environment other than vehicles? Like say, a vending machine (come on, give us a Dispensor action figure!!), or a wheelie bin or a skip bin etc.


And if they are going to give us more vehicles, give us more alt modes that have either been rarely done before, or have never been done before. We have PLENTY of sports cars and military vehicles... how about something different? Like say:

+ Submarine

+ Taxi

+ Bus

+ Bicycle

+ Sedan (e.g. Generations Bumper as a Mazda3 or Autobot Jazz as a Honda Jazz, or heck... give us Prius Maximus, the Hybrid electric Autobot! :P)

+ Limousine

+ Regular passenger train (not an high speed express or bullet train) - you could have different robot modes transforming into the same kind of carriage who can all connect together in train mode! :D

+ Steam locomotive

+ Monorail

+ Tram

+ Horse-drawn carriage

+ Soyez rocket

+ Scooter

+ Caravan

+ Rescue vehicles other than an ambo, fire engine or police car (e.g. SES vehicle)

+ Civilian jet

+ Civilian helicopter

+ Propellor plane

+ Small truck (like the ones I can drive with my regular car licence, e.g. moving truck)

+ Van

+ Stationwagon

+ Vintage/classic car or plane



Not every vehicle mode has to be exotic -- it'd be nice to have some regular vehicles once in a while. The funny thing is that after 27 years of collecting TFs, any TF I find with a 'non-exotic' alt mode is really exotic to me! For example, on our honeymoon I found two transforming robot toys that transform into buses (one coach and one schoolbus). I grabbed them - kept the coach and gave the schoolbus to a friend who's also a TF collector. :) Earlier this year when I was overseas I found Overcharge the taxi -- I just had to have him! :D While the ROTF twins copped a lot of flak (justifiably so), one thing I do love about them is that they have 'mundane' alt modes -- they were initially an ice cream truck (and an Australian ice cream truck no less! :D), then they reformatted into hatchbacks! So awesome! We've had a few non-sports car Autobots recently too (e.g. Animated Sentinel Prime etc.) So it's kinda funny how I find 'mundane' alt moded Transformers exotic, and exotic alt moded TFs mundane :P


And likewise there's PLENTY of animal modes that Transformers has never touched upon yet either... a proper Tasmanian Devil would be nice (the BW Snarl mould is just ridiculously inaccurate it's not funny). Or what about a Transformers/G.I. Joe Crossover? We had a taste of this with Energon Snowcat... but there are so many other Joe/COBRA vehicles that could become Transformers -- and Hasbro should either give them original robot modes NOT based on Joe characters (that's always been a stupid part of current Crossover figs) or give them robot modes based on G1 characters, e.g. Optimus Prime as a Havoc, Megatron as a HISS etc.


...there's plenty of other ideas Hasbro could come up with if they put their minds to it. It's 23:45 now on a Friday night and I'm falling asleep as I type this... so if I could come up with this list in a half-dozed stupor, surely Hasbro could do gooderer <flop> Zzzzzzz...

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Hey all, I started this awhile back,but never got to post my own idea, so here it is...


(I actually did, but it never posted?)

Pretty much take away the earth dilema... Being stuck on earth only let you deal with so much. So lets say the decepticons new leader decides that things have got boring, the cause is long lost, it all about the desire for chaos now, so they pull out their wild card and rip the earth a new one, now the formers and a joint society of humans and bots head out into space in a new ark, as they search for a new home the decepticons follow them for their own amusement and we get space battles as well as new planets and transformers that have been hiding there. The humans could be tied into the show as assistance in combat in space, and we could pull a macross and have the human population be a reason the new bots are protecting the ship and trying to find a new home. (more later)

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Sorry about the rush job above /\


Ok the whole plot point begins in the year 20XX, the decepticons after years of battling the autobots and dealing with humans finally have had enough a pull a wild card scheme and decide to make one final attack, what both sides do not realize is that (blank) has sabotaged said plan, as the current autobots and decepticons battle it out (blank) and his own officers decide to go through with their own plan and the results ends with both first roster bot teams and the earths ecosystem being destroyed. The an aging wheeljack and a more mature perceptor use a prototype "ark" to save as many humans and bots as possible escaping the worlds end... A second stream roster of bots and a few old faces race to find humanity and themselves a new home, while a new darker threat hunts them simply for the fun of Chaos.

The idea is that the ark will work much like the sdf1 and humanity plays second fiddle with little to do with the main stories, a few humans (more mature humans) work together as teams in space battles as well as new planets to explore and new bots with ref to classic shows from beast wars to head masters.


So what do ya think?

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I'm with this idea(don't know how the who conversation played out, no time for reading every post).

here's my take though & something I'm not liking in modern times.

-The fans complain so they just keep reinventing the wheel(and the fans still complain).

-They make the toys and the fans get their favorite character from the show....




While you use to get Prime and Megatron & who ever you'd also get a bunch of very fun side figures in the cheaper classes so while the show was just reteling the collectors could expand on their own. I loved that, my shelves are what matter to me, not the show. So now, instead of having varous figures in all shapes & sizes, you get 20+ Optimus Butthole Primes & maybe one or two random worth a dam figures.


Tke the movie, with all the backround bots, do we really need something like the Cyberverse subline choked with Optimus, Sentinel, & Megatron when we could have a bunch of awesome!?!

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Welcome back Liege


@Goktimus, I would LOVE to see a horse-drawn carriage. Combiner maybe? I'd buy it.


The whole steam locomotive thing would be cool if it was Hearts of Steel. And not 3rd party.

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Yeah, but having said that -- it also depends on what kids today would buy too. As neat as a horse-drawn carriage or steam locomotive may be, not sure if it'd be really popular with kids today. But still, I'm sure there are plenty of other alt modes out there which would be popular with kids... especially various kinds of vehicles they've never done. Especially regular everyday vehicles and objects instead of exotic sports cars all the time. The whole catchline with Transformers is "robots in disguise" -- and I think having Transformers who transform into things you see everyday really plays into that.


Most average kids don't see too many Lamborghinis driving around IRL. But they do see lots of regular cars (sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs, vans etc.), buses, ferries, taxis, vending machines etc. Where are these TFs?? Some people pay out Ejector for being such a strange robot - and he is - but I LOVE the fact that he's a toaster!! And the Real Gear Robots line was just pure awesome because they transformed into everyday devices that you can find in a home (and also reminisced of the Microman-based Transformers like Soundwave, the cassettes, Reflector etc.).


And there are so many animals that haven't been done. One thing I loved about Beast Wars Neo was all the new animal modes we got - horse, giraffe, rabbit (I know BWII had Moon, but he's a robotic rabbit, Stampy's alt mode is more realistic as a robot in disguise), mammoth, dimetrodon, archaeopteryx, quetzacoatyl, ultrasaurus, tanuki, cobra etc. -- even a freakin' AMMONITE!! :D -- but there are still SO many more animals that Transformers have never touched. I'd love to see a Bumblebee toy that transformed into a bumblebee! Or a dog Transformer called Hound.

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Something to munch on here. Americans hate change. That's why we get all this recycled garbage. Hasbro doesn't want to stray from their formula because, usually, when that happens people drop off.

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