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Is it just me or is TFormers a wasteland right now?

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I dunno, I am having a great time with this forum. This is the only one I have joined, and dont plan on going anywhere else.

That's how I feel about it too. It's the main reason for my initial concern.

For the record, I think gift certificate idea is awesome. You could do it once a month and still attract a lot of people.

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If you want an honest answer, I'll give you one. This forum's history turned away a lot of posters. Believe me or not, doesn't really make a difference to me, but I guarantee there's some truth in it.

How so? You've been a member about 5 years longer than I have so you're in a position to have experienced things I didn't.

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There were some people on here a few years back, that took their postition as moderators and completely abused their rights on here. there were also a handfull of members that were purposely bullying other members and victimising them whenever possible...


Back then I almost quit coming on here. it wasn't a great place to be, and you didn't feel welcome here


Things have changed for the better here now though, and I do enjoy this place much more now :yay

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If you want an honest answer, I'll give you one. This forum's history turned away a lot of posters. Believe me or not, doesn't really make a difference to me, but I guarantee there's some truth in it.

How so? You've been a member about 5 years longer than I have so you're in a position to have experienced things I didn't.



There were the faction wars, which I shamefully took part in, which was basically just a big group of people with their panties wadded up to tight taking the internet way too seriously, and then as Sparkless said, there were previously some staff here that drove people away.


And for the record, I don't mean the current staff, they all do a pretty fine job.


I could get much more detailed then that, but it's all pretty embarrassing.

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Nah. There's no reason to say more than you're comfortable with. I appreciate the backround info from both you guys. My experiences on these forums have been 99% positive. I'm glad I missed out on the prior conflicts.

I don't want to rip on anyone so I won't mention names, but one video game forum I checked out on a site I really like is just insane. I was scrolling through a list of responses to an article I enjoyed and was really surprised by the filth on there. The biggest surprise is that the filthiest posts came from the article's author in response to the fact that they didn't appreciate his use of profanity in his article. And he's a staff writer, not a freelancer. I wonder if the people who run the site know what a poor impression that makes. I'm no prude. I've been known to cuss up a storm, but this was really bad.

I'm glad this site is clean.

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During the Jeff Kline interview at BotCon, he mentioned they are still on track to deliver 65 episodes of TF: Prime. So it's not going anywhere.

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You know, with the new movie around the corner, there's bound to be more folks either looking forward to returning to online Transfandom or joining it for the first time. Maybe it would be a good time to start telling folks about the board/site you prefer (Tformers duh).

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I guess that was one of the things that did bother me back a few years ago when I was around here more. There was simply too much mod interference and it got tiresome. As far as I'm concerned, so long as things don't get physically threatening or just over the top insane then topics shouldn't be getting locked or so many warnings issued. It kind of defeats the purpose of having some really good discussions, because like it or not, the best discussions are usually very opinionated and aren't always the friendliest or simply have sensitive issues. It seemed like there for awhile almost anytime there were too many contrasting view points a thread would simply be locked at any sign that the discussion could turn ugly, whether it actually did or not.


Plus I always thought mods tried too hard to monitor for the sake of kids...when I don't really think I've met anyone younger than a late teenager on these forums, ever. Not gonna say that there aren't some younger ones around, but stuff like this I don't see holding the interest of younger kids. So I think it's safe to say 99%+ of the people are plenty old enough to take a little more liberty than what was previously allowed. I liked other sites because I didn't have to worry about keeping all my posts to a PG level rating.

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You know, I'd thought I'd come out of retirement to post in this topic.


I joined TFans years ago back in 2004. It was the first forum I joined and for a long time the only one. (The eventual others were transtopia since I like kitbashing and a local forum in my own language.)


But in the last few years I've come here less and less. First I did visit but I hardly ever posted anymore and nowadays I quickly scan through the forum once or twice a month at most. And the question is of course why.


Partially, because my interest in Transformers has diminished. I still buy Transformers, but I sell more than I buy: roughly 2:1 ratio. And although I still like to keep up with the news, I don't feel the need to discuss the news anymore.


As for keeping up with the news, I do this daily (or sometimes more than once per day), but hardly ever at TFormers. I usually go to Seibertron. Not because they have more news of faster (sometimes they do, sometimes news only gets here), but also because both at work and at home TFormers is either slow to load or simply won't load at all because of the advertising and all the links giving on the side/top of the page (although I have no problems with it at Seibertron or TFW2005).


As for discussing the news, TFans gets too many topics/threads about the same thing. A character is rumored to get a toy? TFormers gives a news topic and TFans gets a thread. Then a blurry pic of the altmode? Another topic at TFormers and another thread at TFans? Pictures of the robot mode then show up? TFormers gets a third topic and TFans a third Thread. (And if there are any special features revealed? Another topic/thread.) And this completely ruins the discussion for me. People start discussing it in the first thread and when the second comes up both are in use, and then three, or four. And the news part of the forum is overcrowded with several thread over the same thing.



In General discussion I saw more and more that topics that had already been discussed being either resurrected or discussed anew. Been there, done that. While others I found to be so boring or pointless that I didn't want to spend my time on it.


In toy discussion I got tired of the attitude of many people. There's too much an all-or-nothing. Either people absolutely love a new line (and want to sell the previous once glorified line) or absolutely hate it. Not much of a middle ground. And if somebody dislikes a certain figure that others are praising into heaven (without actually owning it or ever seeing it for real -- e.g. somebody once stated that you're not allowed to be negative over any MP figure and that he wished he had the money to buy a single one...but if he doesn't have a single MP figure then how could he state that those figures were perfect?), then woe to him. Other fans will be piling up on him. I've had this happen to me with MP Rodimus (which I found an excellent MP Hot Rod, but an awefull MP Rodimus Prime), I've seen it happen to others who offered criticism(sp?) on for example the bulkiness of the leader Starscream altmode, and many, many other times with many figures.


The kitbashing part was the last one I abondonend. The whole reason the need to have a gallery. You can't post finished work through photobucket (or something similar) but always need to bother with a TFans gallery. Good for the site no doubt, but quickly stroling through the topics to marvel the work is bothersome. You only see one small pictures and to see more you have to open the gallery (which my computer doesn't like doing with TFormers).


(Oh, and when you type a reply and make some small changes while typing, the textscreen flips downwards making the place where you're typing the lowpart of the screen. Very annoying.)


(And perhaps as a European I got effing tired of reading Americans complaining because they had some trouble getting a figure which they could also get at hasbro's toystore or cheaply through e-bay while we in Europe are skipped out of entire lines (RtS, Generations, most of RotF) and the few figures that we do get cost 3 times as much.)




Looking back, it seems like a very negative post and an attack on TFans. But if that was the case, then I'd be posting on other fora, and I simply don't. (Well, a little bit on the smal forum in my own country.) So maybe its for a large part me, but as I said, I still check Seibertron for news every single day and check youtube and other sites for reviews every single day and do searches on e-bay several times a week. So I am still very interested in Transformers, just not so much in discussing them anymore (over here) ...

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