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Angry Hasbro Rant

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distribution is pain with Hasbro but to me the real problem is the over flow of Tuner Mudflaps and Tuner Skids out there...I saw a who;e wall filled with these repainted shelf warmers. You would think that a few execs from Hasbro would go out into the world and see what is not selling: "wow that's a lot of Mudflaps and Skids, no body is buying these...Hmmmmmm maybe we should stop those plans to repaint these figures cos obviously the market doesn't really care for them" or: "wow uhhhh we did make Terridives, riiight? Well we need a few more in the shipments. We worked too hard to make that pain in the ass toy, lets make sure that toy is making us some money and put out more in distribution". How about: "well guys, been checking the fan sites and the youtube reviews and we finally got is right with a smaller class movie Starscream but at the same time we are learning that the fans are not feeling the Mech-Tech...lets do a later repaint of Starscream but give him smaller more reasonable weapons to make this new deluxe really look more like the movie like we did with battle blades Bumble Bee."


Yeah if only Hasbro Execs think like this!

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I place the blame on Hasbro. I want to say it's the retailer's fault, but I understand why they wouldn't want to stock toys from the end of a Transformers toy line. For example, why is Hasbro putting Windcharger in a case of Scout class toys that stores already have? The Windcharger assortment should have only been with Frenzy, Rumble, and perhaps another new Scout class Transformer.

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I place the blame on Hasbro. I want to say it's the retailer's fault, but I understand why they wouldn't want to stock toys from the end of a Transformers toy line. For example, why is Hasbro putting Windcharger in a case of Scout class toys that stores already have? The Windcharger assortment should have only been with Frenzy, Rumble, and perhaps another new Scout class Transformer.


You remember Downshift? The repaint of Hub Cap? Where is he and Rumble? I've got Rumble from the United set with Frenzy but Downshift has completely disappeared at least Windcharger showed up

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im a retailer myself (disposableheroescomics on ebay...shameless plug....) and its more a case of hasbro and others not getting their production quantities right. example.. star wars vintage collection, when they were producing the first series someone thought that everyones gonna want a vintage darth vader so they produce more of that vigure than any other in the series, so many that because theyve been overproduced they still ship them in newer series. at the end of the day they have to get rid of them. it is a pain in the ass and believe me retailers are suffering more than collectors ( im both, so double pissed!) im coming down with rts bumblebee, mindset,fallback. the uk didnt even see scourge or kup, even though i ordered 50 cases from diamond they never hit the uk.

im not sure what point im trying to make but i guess i see both sides of this, hasbro cant bury the excess in the desert ala ET on atari, but its commercial suicide to push this unwanted tat on retailers. hard enough to make a quid (buck) at the minute without having to fork out over the odds for cases of figures with only half the contents being in demand. hasbro...1984 is over kids wont buy anything with transformers on it anymore....

unrelated rant..... fudge you takara with your damn mp-10 convoy...wheres galvatron you weasels!!!

anyone want 100 anakin or clone troopers from the vintage collection? ;)

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Definitely a topical thread right now. I'm in the same boat, waiting for figures that now look like they won't see the light of day. I've been watching Hasbro's online store for the last three individual Power Core figures for about a month now, finally giving up on ever seeing them on the shelves locally... all of our Target stores have the original wave, Walmart is stuffed with the last recolor wave. So this morning I typed in my usual "Power Core" term in the shop's search box and see that they're no longer listed as out of stock. Instead, they aren't listed at all. They're just gone. Not sure how to take that one. I'm counting myself lucky that I managed to find Perceptor/G2 Prime/Wreck-gar/Jazz now that I'm reading that they're also rare. I definitely didn't see many of them appear in the stores, compared to previous waves.


Anyway, it's very unfortunate to see something cool in the pipeline that you may never lay hands on, whatever the primary reason for it. Makes it tough to be a collector.

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Totally blowing off HA Mudflap, now the g1 Legends and probably the last RTS voyager wave which pretty much nobody at all ever saw...that gets hard to swallow. Little sign that the new PCC figs will ever come out either. As usual, just as they appear to really be getting good.


Then to see a new Skids figure being made for DOTM, of course a BB repaint and STILL no word we'll ever see that HA Mudflap.



Dude I do have to tell you HA Mudflap did come out, he even showed up at TJ Maxx as well as Marshalls.



Just clearing this one up


That is where I am looking for Solar Grapple, RTS Lugnut, Scout Windcharger, and Legends Megatron. I have learned that even though a line doesn't make it out [ I.E. Rise of Cobra GI Joe figures ] they will most likely end up at one of the following locations.


TJ Maxx




I found a lot of GI Joe figure, vehicles there. An entire Target exclusive line wasn't even sent to Target, it showed up at ROSS store locations and at 1/2 the MSRP price. Now that I know where to look, I'm hoping this happens with these figures as well.


I think that the stores should track their sales on these items and send the boatloads of figures that aren't moving to stores that are so that the demand goes where it's wanted instead of being a hindrance to stores who aren't selling them. It would be nice if WalMart would actually lower the price on the figures who aren't selling instead of just changing the price tags color from yellow to red and make it look like a clearance item. Pretty sneaky... :tfmad

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Something is definitely wrong with the production mix and distribution system; I'm just not sure who to blame. I mean, Walmarts here around Tampa are still choked with ROTF Tuner Skids figures. Why on Earth are they still trying to peddle figures from a 2 year-old film at full price?? Those should have been clearanced away and moved off to second-tier retailers like Big Lots, TJ Maxx, et al before Christmas at the latest. Now the new movie and its toy line are coming out and the figures will be competing for shelf space with ancient product.


I guess the biggest problem for Hasbro is lead time in production. They have to guess at what product mix will sell the best, and if they miss the mark, this happens. I'm sure they thought the ROTF twins would be a big hit with kids, and they ended up being duds. All of a sudden, tons of R&D and production costs are choked up, never to be recouped.

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I heard that PPC is gone they've canceled it, which really sucks. I really like the idea they had with this line my only problem is that there was no real promotion for this line, no in store signs, No anything. I have to get the last few figures from on line stores because no in town stores had them and weren't going to get them. This line could have made the a lot of money especially if they would have brought out booster drone 2pcks that had a blind mini-con that came with them.


As for the others lines that are suppose to be going, all I've seen (just like everyone else) is peg warmers and empty pegs, things on clearance. I can't help but wonder if they ( hasbro ) stop sending the stuff they promised because the new movie figures are set to be released on May 15th, which is 2 months earlier than the movie release.


I think that's a bit stupid releasing these figures that early, sure we all want them but 2 months early. It's not like they have to build up excitement for the new movie, heck all they have to say is new transformers movie out in xxxx, That's enough to do it.


Anyway who with in Hasbro decides what figure and how many of that figure goes into a case? That person/persons need to go out and look at all the stores to see whats still on the shelf and what is not. Also I think Hasbro needs to STOP showing us all these new figures that MIGHT come out and ONLY show us the new figures that WILL coming out.



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Heres what hasbro should do:


repackage all of rts deluxe wave 2, late pcc's, rts g1 legends, rts scouts,and the 2 late waves of generations in either DOTM packaging or the next classics line... hopefully DOTM:con

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