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#1 plastic container


#1 instruction manual


# 6 Seacons


# 7 biocards (1 for Piranacon) with a metallic type finish


# 4 target master base stands


# 4 target master support stands (long thingie)


# 4 target master connectors (small square thingie)


# 1 Piranacon head


# 2 robot fists (with a clickity click locking mechanism)


# 2 feet modules


# 1 chest plate (with chromed blades)


#1 chrome sword


# 10 guns




Besides Predaking and Bruticus, this bruiser has been re-issued like 5x already. Personally, he ain't one of my most wanted figs (second to Predaking but he grows on you) given he's a 'con with all the horrid colors (he was G2 before his time). But in Masterforce, he was a bad@ss gestalt! Though his limbs more or less functioned as mindless drones.


Anyway on to the figure itself.














The figure:


This review will be for the Piranacon figure itself and I'll gloss over the individual 'bots that make up the team.


Snaptrap has this pom pom effect switch on his back for twin guns mounted on his backpack. Switch the peg back and forth and you'll know what I mean.




The rest of the beasties that make him up ain't to shabby though. Above average looking mech beasts who share their Scramble City origins (limbs are interchangeable with no specific assignment). I use overbite by the way as the "target master component.


One more thing that makes this set a must buy (if you are a hardcore g1 fan and don't own one) Piranacon was never released as a set "complete". Back in the late 1980's, when fan interest was dying and to off set costs, the Piranacon set was sold sans one part (Nautilator for the US version). King Poseidon was complete if I'm not mistaken). Another thing I noticed, the original Overbite was colored violet purple while this one, well pink purple. Snaptrap's head was originally colored black th_Picture007-1.jpg


, joints now riveted and not screwed etc etc. so this isn't exactly a carbon copy of the 1988 version but amazingly close.


Now the good/ bad news ( view this objectively brothers)


1. Expect a lot of molding degradation. ('nuff said) This is like over 12 years old baring the 5th time it's been released. If it were up to me, I wished it were all smooth and all but hey that's life...........(expected)


2. Pre applied labels (a mixed bag depending on your taste, me I'd prefer applying them (it was quite fun back then). In my unit, the labels were nicely applied anyway. (depends on your preference)


3. Chromed sword (not the BBTS version btw). The original G1 version for both Piranacon/King Poseidon was pink. (Good)


4. Loose connecting joint on Snaptraps right leg. Remedied by changing a specific limb Seacon. (The original gestalts had very tight clamps.) (Bad and good depending how OC you are)


5. Reports at seibertron.com member Diem was unlucky enough to get two clunkers (one missing either Seawing's gun or Nautilator's connecting pin)

(verified with pics so HasTaks QC might have been slipping again........like henkei Starscream.................so it's like a hit or miss) Mine thankfully has no such problems. So good and bad again


The verdict:


I never owned one. Now I do! In a consumer friendly price. Sure it has a lot of molding issues (which was expected though it would have nice if this was minimized)


Plus verified QC issues don't help either.


If you have never owned one get him now! Once in a lifetime opportunity. Get him while his hot!


So I give this a 3.9/5.0..........that is my honest opinion.


Edt: I was recently corrected that the BBTS version has a chromed sword

Edited by Fenrir72

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You get this @ TFSource? Cuz thats the only place i know other then BBTS. I MIGHT get him at BBTS for $60 (IF hes still $60 & Instock/Im not preordering him) but i have the TCC version so idk. Might just keep that. Not to cool he has a ALL green head (Snaptrap) .... Sometimes i wonder if ppl just talk smak about QC cuz i have YET to have ANY QC problems on ANY OF MY TRANSFORMERS! EVER! aND i have probably like 300+ new ones, (over 150 boughten ones, those dont count used. But even then there mostly good :shrug ) Then again, i could be lucky. Dont know.


How much did you pay? On mine, he had problems standing and keeping his lower leg components heads plugged in all the time. They did, but not so great compared to my Classics Devastator (Energon repaint). THAT is a good gestalt Imo.



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Nope, not from BBTS.........direct from a source who gets it from Hasbro China. More or less US$ 60 equivalent. No shipping cost 'cause I personally picked it up.

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This was the combiner set that I never wanted to get. NEVER. I was too busy feening for the Stunticons. The Technobots. The Predacons!!! Everyone else looked so much cooler than the Seacons-even the Aerialbots, whose combined form was bout as lame as you could possibly get. But the Seacons? The colors sucked, and the individual figures looked silly and the combined form did not look much better.


Then, I went out and got one.


These guys are actually just plain fun. Infectiously fun. In fact, I'd say that outside of Predaking (king of the G1 combiners)and perhaps the Technobots and Terrorcons,* the Seacons are the class of the G1 combiners--perhaps the best of the 'Scramble City'-style combiners. The targetmaster aspect of theirs is extremely cool, and there isn't really a dud among the bunch. The figures for the Stunticons suck, completely, across the board, individually and combined; Superion looks like garbage from the waist down, and the main component (Silverbolt) is extra-crappy; the Combaticons are cool enough, but just did not translate well from their animation models into their toy forms (big whoop, it's G1); the Terrorcons were awesome individually, and Abominus looked cool but he severly needed the almost perfect proportions of G1 Computron, who was the single best-looking G1 combiner (IMO), but his individual components were a little on the bland side. The G1 Constructions were-individually-awesome and nearly without peer. Devastator, though,comes up as arguably the ugliest girl at the dance. Fragile. Unstable. FRAGILE. The Predacons and Predaking are without peer...but the Seacons, Miami Vice colors and all, are not far behind.


Snaptrap is dead on par with Hun-Grr and Hotspot as being the very best of the 'Scramble City'-style main bodies. Snaptrap is worth getting all by himself if you have no plans of getting the complete set.


Seawing and Nautilator come the closest to being duds, but: Seawings alt mode kicks ass, he looks cool as Piranacons' left arm and Nautilator makes an extremely cool-looking gun for Piranacon...and he's got a great bio, to boot.


Overbite has the most garish-looking colors of the bunch, but he still comes across well, and he looks cool in both modes. He looks the weakest as a limb, but since Nautilator looks so much better as a gun than OB does, OB spends his time being Piranacon's right arm.


Piranacon's leg components steal the show, however. The WHOLE show. Tentakil and Skalor are, hands down, the best 'Scramble City'-style limb-specific characters PERIOD. Skalor, in particular, is a miracle. Skalor is worth getting on his own just to have him. Tentakil's only shortcoming is that he just falls a little short of Skalor's level of brilliance. Great bot modes, great alt modes...even their targetmaster configurations are kickass.


The Seacons get my vote as the 2nd best overall set of G1 combiners. Fun, versatile and cool-looking, across the board. There are only two figures that could be called lackluster, but they look so cool in at least one of their 3 modes that you ignore their shortcomings.


(*notes that I do NOT possess the Protectobots...which makes me a little sad, as Defensor has always looked pretty cool. They just didn't click with me on television, so I was never able to get into them)

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