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WORST Transformers of the Decade


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It's about his ungainly proportions, massive kibble and not so great articulation. With so many people getting spoiled by better toys, poor Sideswipe just became a whipping boy.

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OK, gonna go line by line, with a 1 thru 5 ratting...


Beast Machines, Supreme Cheetor :poop :poop :poop :poop

-Here's what we need, a 2 ft robot that can't stand on it's own with stupid fingers that pop out and a sword it can't hold. As if the "Mega" version wasn't bad enough. He earns 4 out of 5 :poop because the cat mode was alright.


RID, Sideburn :poop :poop :poop

-You start off with a beautiful car, then end end up with a kibble covered, pencil thin mish mash of a robot. I first got this figure imported from a collector shop and called him Hotrod Scrap (also got a HR reissue that same visit), and he just looked like a beat to crap who could barely balance on his peg legs. 3 out of 5 :poop saving grace was the alt and weapons


Armada, Smokescreen :poop :poop

-I know, I'd think Sideswipe too, but there's no denying a robot Umpa Lumpa when you see on. Plus, the little side gimmick partner should never be that much cooler then the main figure. No articulation no nothing with a stupid cupcake head. 2 out of 5 :poop even though he was a super suck robot, the tow crane winch was a nice add on. His main weapon when extended is gigantic. Plus it's the only way to get that little Liftor figure who is full of win.


Universe 1.1, n/a

-Here's the thing. there are qualifing figures here, but the line was repaints done right. It gave alot of collectors a chance at getting long discontinued figures they may have missed with a decent story that tied in with the main Armada line. Univere 1.1 is dodging the bullet with 0 :poop


Energon, The Devistator Maximus crane limbs :poop :poop :poop :poop :poop

-COuld they have at least tried putting some effort into these? I mean, the Maximus combiners suck, but at least the smaller robots were pretty cool. We got 2 awesome jets, a cool tank, some helecopters, a excelent bulldozer, then these stupit things. 5 out of 5 :poop cause they just sucked that much!


Masterpiece, MP-03 Starscream :poop :poop :poop

-I know a hose job when I see one, and releasing this figure first in grey was just a way to sell another variant. Crafty how they gave us the burn first, then the acceptable one latter. You can believe they did that to keep the alt acurate to real life same as Universe Powerglide, thats fine, but you may be intrested in a bridge I have to sell as well. Keeping in mind that this "masterpice" has had 80 repaints and they never even tried to fix the leg issues, and this figure wins 3 out of 5 :poop the saving grace being the alt mode and the versatile stand.


Star Wars Transformers, Commander Cody Clone Tank :poop :poop :poop :poop

-I had no intrest in this thing but so many people talked it up I had to try it. WTF, it's a rolling slug with a barely articulated bot mode. I was happy to sell the stupid thing off. 4 out of 5 :poop cause the pistol hiden in the wheel was kinda cool



What is everyone's hang up with the Armada Sideswipe? I actually thought that compared to some of the figures in the Armada line that he wasn't so bad. Unless I am thinking of the wrong figure?


Look at it:



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Bugstomper's probably thinking of Armada Wheeljack, who has a resemblance to G1 Sideswipe

I think your right, he was also used as BotCon Sideswipe in 08, which probably helps with that.

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lolicon%5B1%5D.gif worst transformer-rotf construction devastator (lazy-how about if the individual vehicles transformed into robots as well!! what an idea!)

-transformers rpms (we like robots,not toy cars with a picture of a robot underneath!!/straying away from transforming toy territory)

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I think EZ Collection Hightower just may have Demolisher beat on crappy.

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Worst figures of each line:


(please keep in mind that I didn't include EVERY figure line)


Beast Machines: Supreme Cheetor. GOD what a fugly looking figure. Worst Cheetor face ever. This line had so many bad toys though and runners up include Hammerstrike, Nightscream, Rattrap and Silverbolt who was so small that it was ridiculous.


Robots in Disguise: Bruticus. I'm not talking about the G1 repaint into Ruination, I'm talking the most stupid looking beast mode figure with the most retarded styling I can remember. I returned this figure.


Armada: Sideswipe. This is worse then a brick, it was an articulated brick where the articulation is So useless due to the huge legs and forearms. The WORST blocky, chunky, thunder thighed figure EVER.


Energon: Jetfire. I know a lot of people will think Ironhide but for me, after having such a great toy in Armada, i had such high hopes for Jetfire in Energon and they just really produced a terrible follow up. Ironhide DOES tie for this spot in this line though.


Cybertron: Metroplex. God what an over-sized Deluxe this toy was. There was so much potential but the detail and execution were just so crap. This figure clogged up all my local toy stores for months and in some places as much as a YEAR after the line was over. Supreme Starscream is a close second just because how useless this giant thing was in my collection.



Classics/Universe Classics: Galvatron. Really, after knocking out of the park with a sweet Megatron they make this puny...tank thing with a right arm that falls off every time I transform him. UGHH! Why Hasbro, Why?


Animated: Safeguard. That's right, the Jetfire/Jetstorm figure combiner. In a line with a lot of very clever engineering and transformations, this figures execution was just so ugly and badly conceived.


Movies (I'm counting both of them here) Supreme Devastator. I have seen some amazing repaints that make this figure look really brilliant...but the figure you get out of the package looks like an over sized playschool toy. I'm still knocking the accuracy though because he lacks the wrecking balls dangling between his legs.



Worst toy of the last 10 years over all: ROTF Supreme Devastator. I know he already appeared on my list once but he really is THAT bad.



Worst animated series: Cybertron. GAWD this was so boring to watch. O.o i actually found I could watch armada at least five minutes and not flinch. I can watch five minutes of Cybertron and NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. No, I mean nothing at all. It's so boring and made of such padding that I doubt that with a clever editor the entire season couldn't have been cut down to a couple hours.


Anyway, that's my list of Worsts.

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it ain't obvious? rotf devastator. WORST...TRANSFORMER...EVER!!!!!




All righty 5 pages of reading ROTF Devy and Armada Sideswipe as worst ever.


Hell no....not even close.


Anyone ever seen or had Armada Scavenger??? That was a figure so bad they could only repaint it once for a rather limited release in Energon. As bad as Sideswipe is, at least enough people liked him to do 5 or 6 repaints of him. To make things worse, if you put Scavenger in a lineup with 4 green bricks you'd have a hard time figuring out which one is supposed to transform. His minicon was like 1000 times better, which might have happened with some deluxes but not with any other figures of his size or price point.


ROTF Devy....disappointing sure, but worst ever? Hardly.


How about Animated roll out Prime? That thing is such a turd I wouldn't even buy him when I had a chance to for $20.


RID was my worst cartoon of the decade. The A/E/C series all had their problems but I think they all also had some really cool moments and are FAR from being the worst we could get when compared to RID.


Beast Machines does get a dishonorable mention here.


Overall I don't have many other real bad things to say about the last decade. We got way too much cool stuff to bother keeping track of the few really bad things there were.

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I can't believe I didn't mention my most hated figure of the decade. Most will disagree, but I have to say 20th Anniversary Prime. So much metal that he couldn't support a pose under his own weight, totally forgettable gimmicks - what was the point of the "communication panels"? That took all of what, 30 seconds to engineer? Wow! The only good feature of the toy is the Matrix with its ability to light up when in Prime's chest. And of course, the guy had chips in his painted metal right out of the box :fire . And the only figures he's compatible with are the (underwhelming so I only own a few) Alternators. If I weren't a "unique mold" Prime completist, this guy would have been sold or trashed years ago.

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    • No. There's no way. This is pretty much someone's wish fulfillment list. There has to be another April Fool's Day that happens every June 24th that I'm just not aware of. I don't believe this list one bit. Especially since Legacy is supposed to be a one and done. It's a supposedly a filler line to finish off WFC and begin the next series/trilogy. Crasher? Nope. Hasbro is too scared to use the name...or are they? Road Ranger had his name didn't he? I hope it's not from either Mirage mold though and is instead from Dragstrip. It would be so easy to retool that into a Crasher that even has the front of the vehicle point out back behind her. I still don't see this happening though. Shadow Striker? Most likely Cyberverse and not Universe/OTFCC because then we'd also need Roulette. The Cyberverse character is now the G1 version so it makes the most sense. I don't see it happening. Never mind, it will be ROTF Shadow Striker lol. An upscaled SS86 Wheelie done in black and red. Just what everyone wanted right? Well, I want a black and red SS86 Wheelie and I haven't even seen him yet. Hot Rod? What we would all want is a retool of Override as IDW Hot Rod like the MMC figures but what we'll get is a redeco of SS86 Hot Rod instead. We'll get a redeco of SS86 Hot Rod eventually. It's only a matter of time with that one. What's next to add to that list, a retool of Cosmos or even Origin Bumblebee as Path Finder? Why not both? Blue Cosmos (no not the Blue Cosmos from Gundam) and grey Bumblebee. Maybe Smallfoot as a retool of an upcoming RID 2015 Strongarm too? Core Soundblaster? No shit. There's no way they're going to not do that eventually. Core class Dinobots? No way. I'd love it but no way. Needlenose? The one who's always on the votes but never wins? Hasbro is just toying with us with this one. There's no way they're going to make one now. They want to see the fans cry about it too much now. And he's downgraded from voyage to deluxe to pour more salt on the wounds. Hot Shot? Armada Hot Shot? There's nothing saying it's going to be Armada Hot Shot. When it's been an alternate universe character they always put that in its name. This could be Armada HS, Energon HS, Cybertron HS, RID 2001 HS, Animated HS. So which one is it? It's none of them because it's not happening. Deluxe Junkions with a number denoting future retools and redecos? What so a reissue of the RTS mold? The CW mold? They already made a voyager Junkion from Wreck Gar. I don't see why they'd need to do a deluxe at this point. Maybe for Detritus or Nancy? It just doesn't make sense. Tarn? Yeah no. It just doesn't seem like Hasbro want's to touch the DJD. Although we are getting a nice Jhiaxus though. But no. Just no. Leo Prime? Again, this whole list just sounds like wish fulfillment. There's no way. And then what? We get white, black and purple redecos? Thundertron, Alpha Trizer and GO Prime? Hasbro don't make such deep cuts for redecos and retools. Granted they've started to go pretty deep lately but not Leo Prime redeco deep. Prime Skyquake..............actually, I don't see why not with this one. But they'll probably use either Seeker mold or Jhiaxus for it though. Don't expect the beefcake he was. Although I would like him, Dreadwing and Megaplex who don't break. Not that mine are broken...that I know of... Oh wait. I brushed over the fact that it says leader and not voyager. No way it's happening now. I just completely assumed it was voyager as it made the most sense. For a leader Skyquake it would need to be Euro G1 for Hasbro to most likely do it, not Prime. Armada Megatron? I don't see why not with him either. New mold and all. This one I believe fully. Galvatron and Megazarak redecos too this time. Most of these figures are just too on point for what fans what for Hasbro to do them.  I would love to be wrong though. Well, other than Soundblaster as that's bound to happen sooner rather than later. I really hope I'm wrong. I want some of these so much. Watch I'm wrong on everything but that means no Armada Megatron as I think that one is real.
    • Transformers Velocitron is not even shipping yet, and JTPrime17 flies in with newly leaked listings offering up many spoilers for what is coming our way in 2023. First off, IF you liked what's going on with Velocitron there is Wave 2 coming too. Next, Legacy has lots more in store next year with some new nods to Cybertron, Prime, G1, and Aw yeah, Armada fans will be getting their fix with at least one leader exposed. Click Image to Read the Full News Story Now
    • Toyhax really surprised us with the Conversion Set to change Siege Sideswipe to G2 Go-Bot Optimus Prime.  
    • Just in from In Demand Toys are a couple of images of the First Look at Transformers Legacy Buzzworthy Bumblebee Creatures Collide 4 Pack. This is the second Collide Boxed set with Autobot Goldbug, Ransack, Sky Wasp, and Predacon Scorponok. What has been leaked for some time, we've seen most of these figures but here we get the full look at the packaging and proper names. Click Image to Read the Full News Story Now
    • Target's Summer Geek-Out dropped their new Transformers X Tonka Mash-Up set, the "Tonkanator", with official images and details. The G2 Yellow Devastator is rebranded as a Tonka team with logos and all at a price of $104.99 USD. What should be immediately obvious is Hasbro owns both of the brands, so it is an interesting idea that may or may not resonate with fans. Click Image to Read the Full News Story Now
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