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WORST Transformers of the Decade


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Classics 2.0, Jolt :poop :poop :poop

-In armada this was one of my favorite figures. Sadly the redo was beyond craptacular. Poop QC, no articlation and a molded upside down tail rudder make this a bigger disapointment the the figure he came with. 3 out of 5 :poop with nostalgia being the only thing saving him.


Marvel Crossover, Thor :poop :poop :poop

-As the pictures surfaced he kept looking worse and worse, but that still couldn't prepair me for how bad he was in hand. He fell to pieces, nothing snapped in right, and was a misscolored mess. 3 out of 5 :poop his saving grace being that it was a fun transformation, that did lock into a very neat alt unlike the mess that is Universe Powerglide


Transformers Revenge of The Fallen, Demolisher :poop :poop :poop :poop :poop

-This level of suckitude needs no explenation. Take your 5 out of 5 :poop and go disapoint someplace else.


-Now for the over alls


Crappiest Prime goes to

Armada Leader Prime :poop :poop

-Save your combintion and sometimes working automation, what good is it when all you can do is wave 1 arm. 2 out of 5 :poop because the automated trailer was a cool idea.


Crappiest Megatron goes to

Armada Megatron :poop :poop :poop :poop

- A vicious tank ready to capture Minicons loaded with ports and gimmicks that were way to small for any of them. Pair that with a throw back to the days of bricks and you have a robot ready to go nowhere. 4 out of 5 :poop because the gimmicks that did work where kinda cool

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Crappiest Combiner goes to

Animated Safeguard :poop :poop :poop :poop

-WOW a 2 mode combination!!! Well if you wanna call just putting them next to eachother in both modes a combination, OK. 4 out of 5 :poop cause at least you got a full sized comic with them


Crappiest Repaint goes to

Universe 1.1 Silverbolt :poop :poop :poop :poop

-Fucking purple!?! Why not just reissue the origional? 4 out of 5 :poop cause he is still Silverbolt


Crappiest Overall Cartoon Series goes to

Transformers Armada :poop :poop :poop :poop

-sure some episodes were alright, but what the hell do I care about kids sticking up for the feelings of, awe who gives a rats ass!?! 4 out of 5 :poop cause they did shoot the hell out of Smokescreen and bring back Unicron


Crappiest Toy Line goes to

Transformers Animated :poop :poop :poop :poop

-OK, some figures had good transformations, but with downsized figures and upsized prices this line was destined to suck, and did just that with it's smiley, candy look, horrible QC issues, and simplistic transformations. 4 out of 5 :poop cause 2 or 3 figures didn't completely suck


Crappiest Figure Who Just Wont Go Away goes to

Hot Shot :poop :poop :poop

-He sneeks into nearly every line somehow. In near 10 years with only 2 good figures, he earns 3 out of 5 :poop cause at least the Armada version came with Jolt


Well folks, I don't think I missed anything since I'm only counting lines I bought. So That right there is Liege's :poop list for the past 10 years :mwahaha

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yo, I typed all that out and had no idea there was an emoticon limit. I spent another hour cutting and pasting till I got it all to fit :P


Anyhow, thats my line up.

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I'll be different and say armada tidal wave was one of the worst of the decade:


The colors were a bit odd, the battleship...thing had mismatched components, the minicon "seats" in the back completely ruins any sort of illusion of scale and he has terrible articulation (derr, it's armada). What really makes him bad is the nit-picky things, like how he really can't transform without firing his missiles, he has no real weapons on him (he has no real gimmicks either come to think of it). He could've been so much better and I kind of hope he gets a redo in the universe line.

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Crappiest Prime goes to

Armada Leader Prime :poop :poop

-Save your combintion and sometimes working automation, what good is it when all you can do is wave 1 arm. 2 out of 5 :poop because the automated trailer was a cool idea.



Agreed. Not even the Gold treatment can save him!

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I gotta agree with Robo rob and say i found something good in all lines. ROTF was my worst line & i still liked it.


But in general, i like ALL Transformers. There just "FUN" and even Aramda Sideswipe and Aramda toys are just as much "fun" imo. ;)


The thing I hate, where i spend quality time in avioding this problem by studying EXACT transformations & taking my time, is popping off joints. I think i have less the 3 TF toys out of around 400 Tfs that have this problem ONLY. B/c i dont force my figs by "trying out transformations" without understanding it (for the UPmost part)... PLEASE DONT SELL ME POPPING OFF JOINTED TRANSFORMERS, b/c once the start that, they never stop. And THAT i hate. ;)



*yeaa i lose this thread*

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OK, gonna go line by line, with a 1 thru 5 ratting...


Beast Machines, Supreme Cheetor :poop :poop :poop :poop

-Here's what we need, a 2 ft robot that can't stand on it's own with stupid fingers that pop out and a sword it can't hold. As if the "Mega" version wasn't bad enough. He earns 4 out of 5 :poop because the cat mode was alright.


RID, Sideburn :poop :poop :poop

-You start off with a beautiful car, then end end up with a kibble covered, pencil thin mish mash of a robot. I first got this figure imported from a collector shop and called him Hotrod Scrap (also got a HR reissue that same visit), and he just looked like a beat to crap who could barely balance on his peg legs. 3 out of 5 :poop saving grace was the alt and weapons


Armada, Smokescreen :poop :poop

-I know, I'd think Sideswipe too, but there's no denying a robot Umpa Lumpa when you see on. Plus, the little side gimmick partner should never be that much cooler then the main figure. No articulation no nothing with a stupid cupcake head. 2 out of 5 :poop even though he was a super suck robot, the tow crane winch was a nice add on. His main weapon when extended is gigantic. Plus it's the only way to get that little Liftor figure who is full of win.


Universe 1.1, n/a

-Here's the thing. there are qualifing figures here, but the line was repaints done right. It gave alot of collectors a chance at getting long discontinued figures they may have missed with a decent story that tied in with the main Armada line. Univere 1.1 is dodging the bullet with 0 :poop


Energon, The Devistator Maximus crane limbs :poop :poop :poop :poop :poop

-COuld they have at least tried putting some effort into these? I mean, the Maximus combiners suck, but at least the smaller robots were pretty cool. We got 2 awesome jets, a cool tank, some helecopters, a excelent bulldozer, then these stupit things. 5 out of 5 :poop cause they just sucked that much!


Masterpiece, MP-03 Starscream :poop :poop :poop

-I know a hose job when I see one, and releasing this figure first in grey was just a way to sell another variant. Crafty how they gave us the burn first, then the acceptable one latter. You can believe they did that to keep the alt acurate to real life same as Universe Powerglide, thats fine, but you may be intrested in a bridge I have to sell as well. Keeping in mind that this "masterpice" has had 80 repaints and they never even tried to fix the leg issues, and this figure wins 3 out of 5 :poop the saving grace being the alt mode and the versatile stand.


Star Wars Transformers, Commander Cody Clone Tank :poop :poop :poop :poop

-I had no intrest in this thing but so many people talked it up I had to try it. WTF, it's a rolling slug with a barely articulated bot mode. I was happy to sell the stupid thing off. 4 out of 5 :poop cause the pistol hiden in the wheel was kinda cool



What is everyone's hang up with the Armada Sideswipe? I actually thought that compared to some of the figures in the Armada line that he wasn't so bad. Unless I am thinking of the wrong figure?

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