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Your newest figures and your verdict


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Well couple days back I bought a figure I thought I would never get because I keep a strict budget of no more that $20 per figure...I bought a toy set that added up to $160 and it turns out to be the most fragile POS set ever and never again will I spend on expensive toys...moving right along, I picked up Leader Starscream for $20 at ROSS!!!!!!


So here are my thoughts:


first off my favorite type of transforming toy is the "jet former" "seeker" "macros" whatever you get the picture. I have been hunting for what I consider to be the best jetformer ever made and I think i got it!


It is such a shame that Movie Starscream was not written to be more of a courageous bad-ass who challenged Megatron at every turn (sort of like Dino bot vs Megatron in beast wars) cos really this figure is so imposing and so commanding!


He's way better than that expensive robotech set I bought years years and years past.


Looks like he flew off my TV screen and "moved in" to my desk! This is my first Leader sized figure and therefore the biggest transformer I own. The detail is so amazing. And I can go on and on and on...If you don't have one, dont pray and hope hasbro will give this leader toy the voyager treatment like they did optimus prime to battle blades prime. Go out to your ROSS store find this guy and get him for the same price you pay for a voyager toy. If not ROSS TJ-Maxx has him for $4 more.


Final verdict: if I had to only keep one toy from my collection and sell off the rest Leader Starscream would be it.

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i got the cyberverse prime and megatron playsets....and i have to say im actually pretty impressed with both of them...especially megatron....his vehicle mode is spot on...my only real complaint is not hood/cape thingy like the voyager....the prime is ok....the trailer in base/whatever mode leaves a little to be desired but its not bad....

i also got HA Roadbuster....and hes actually pretty fucking awesome....one of the best HA figures so far.....great car mode...great robot mode....great figure all around......though the engine gun is kinda silly and the saw is a little small...

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I picked up the Voager Sentinel Prime last night.


I have to say, I like this better than the leader class. More fun and less fiddling!(and obviously, is easier to get into to alt mode too!) He has decent poasability as well and has a pretty stout gun that doubles as his power hose in alt mode. Light piped eyes help flush him out in bot mode. Unfortunately, when in alt mode, you can sill see the top of his recessed head through the wind screen, but hey, give and take. The mechtech gun was the selling point initially, it just looked fun. Oddly enough, when the gun is transformed and locked, it looks kinda like one of the main battle crisers from Babylon 5.

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picked up cannon force ironhide the other day.

completely skipped on the first DOTM ironhide having heard that this repaint was coming out so this is my first exposure to this mold.


the arms are a little....wonky, i guess is the best word, but the mold itself is pretty cool. i really like how the feet fold up into the bed of the truck, and then the tailgate folds up into the feet for transformation.

the cannon was neat, if a bit oversized (which at this point is common with all DOTM 'formers) though i remember reading that all the voyagers weapons locked, but i haven't found how this one does.

all in all, i like the repaint, wish it was all red rather than two tone, but i still like it. on the other hand, his head is almost too red, maybe another paint app would have broken that up a bit.

but still cool figure.

(also picked up another legends megs at tj maxx)

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my black friday haul


nabbed three of the PCC two-packs from wally world

one of the construction combiner with the construction commander as the pack in

one of the protectobots with the mudslinger(?) repaint pack in

and one with dinobots with the decepticon boat pack in


all great figs, already had all but the boat and the dinobots, just wanted extra drones.

the boat's great, great transformation and great bot mode


the dinobots are also very cool, the one leg is a bit wonky, but still pretty cool


also grabbed voyager sentinal prime (for 15$!!) neat fig.

dont really care for the fact that his faux chest just kinda shifts to the side and sits there under his alt mode, and his front wheels can be a bit of a bitch to get into the right place for transformation, but still cool fig.

really really like his gun


also nabbed cyberverse roadbuster and topspin

like roadbusters transformation but topspins kinda....eh

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Cyberverse Powerglide - Meh. I guess it's better than the Universe Ultra class Powerglide...but that's not saying much. This has been one of the very few times that I haven't felt the 'new toy love' when I opened the package up and start messing with a figure.


DOTM Thundercracker - I had been intrigued by this mold for awhile now. Thing is, I didn't want yet another Starscream. So why not go for the repaint that's affordable? The figure himself is very nice, and keeps most of the articulation of the Leader Starscream. I like the idea of using the landing gear from vehicle mode to help support the back of his legs. I kinda would have preferred he came with both of Starscream's Mechtech weapons, rather than the non-converting one and a blue version of Roadbuster's, but it's not a huge deal.


DOTM Sideswipe - I was going to hold out for Darksteel/Quickstrike, but Wal-Mart had this guy and Thundercracker on Rollback for less than $10 each. Color wise, he's incredibly boring. (although the different plastic colors exposed in robot mode make it not as dull) But the mold itself is great. More poseable and stable than the original ROTF Deluxe. The Mechtech weapon is kinda neat, but I don't care much for the sword mode, especially since Sideswipe still has the blades on his arms.

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All righty...eventful few days. Finally got a blu-ray system with surround and I'm extremely blown away! Sound system is cheap, but good enough for my small need.


Then onto the Transformers...


HEAVYLABOR- I frickin love this thing! To me this figure is one of the main reasons I chose TFC over Maketoys and it doesn't disappoint. 4 more!



TRU WFC 3 pack- I highly recommend this set even if you normally don't go for repaints. Makes these great figures even more amazing.


Cannon Force Ironhide- Depends how much you've yearned for a red version I guess. Doesn't add anything IMO.


Junkheap- NIIIICE! Funny, I never realized that one figure in bot could actually clip onto the seat of the other in bike mode. I just had 2 Wreck-Gar's posed without clipping him on and that was good enough.


Sky Shadow- Fantastic repaint and remold. One of the best of the best. SSSSOOOO mean and menacing looking he oozes evil. This and Junkheap are another 2 must have repaints.


RTS Windcharger- It's about frickin time man!!!! But soooo worth the wait! There may be some scout class figures as good, but none better!


Target exclusive voyagers Ratchet and Starscream- I just got these guys to fill out the collection. Not much else to say.


Marvel Crossover Ghost Rider- I only bothered because I get everything Ghost Rider. Goofy motorcycle mode, semi-goofy bot mode and yet something oddly neat at the same time.



On to the main event...



PRIME Arcee- Loved the NYCC version and I love this one even better! Superb color choice for this figure and character!


PRIME Bumblebee- Again, NYCC version was cool, but I'm loving the normal version. Loose arms though can be a pain, but doesn't ruin it.


PRIME Starscream- A small masterpiece with one flaw...RUBBER! :puke This menace must stop! Please Hasbro, stop defacing beautifully crafted figures with ultra crappy and floppy rubber! The forehead spike is bent funny, his knee spikes are iffy and I fear for the missiles. Otherwise, a helluva fun figure!

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Ok, on Black Friday I bought:


DoTM Voyager Shockwave: Nice robot mode. The tank mode is still a bit iffy for me due to the fact that the cannon isn't centered. C'est La Vie. I did notice that the right arm, when it has the cannon attached, can pop off in poses or as you transform it. I tossed the hose almost immediately. Too short to be useful.


PCC Steamhammer and Heavy Tread 2 pack: Steamhammer is my new favorite 5 pack combiner. He's what the line should have been all along. Makes me weepy. Steamhammer himself isn't that impressive, but as a combined bot....dear god he's good. Heavy Tread is nice on own, but Groudspike broke almost immediately. He leg ball joint popped off. Groundspike was just poor quality plastic. Heavytread makes for a good tank and combiner body, but in robot mode I have concerns about his small footing and his kinda ill formed hands.


PCC Grimstone and Icepick 2 pack: I already had Icepick, but all the Grimstones at the store were packaged with him, so Bleh. Grimstone looks nice but I haven't popped him out of the package yet so I'll say more later.

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DoTM Voyager Shockwave: Nice robot mode. The tank mode is still a bit iffy for me due to the fact that the cannon isn't centered. C'est La Vie. I did notice that the right arm, when it has the cannon attached, can pop off in poses or as you transform it. I tossed the hose almost immediately. Too short to be useful.

That bugs me about him. Why not make the hose long enough to work the way it's supposed to? I just have mine attach to his back and his shoulder instead of the cannon. I'd like to find a good way to lengthen it...





I just went out to get a few Reveal the Shield Bumblebees to 1, fix my Cliffjumper the way he should be IMO and 2, for one of the new bot heads comming out. May make him my Bumper or Hubcap or even Goldbug but haven't made up my mind yet. One I want just as BB. He's a lot more fun than I thought he would have been but still doesn't replace my Classics Bumblebee. I gave him DOTM BB's gun and now he's pretty awesome. Kinda reminds me of that comic cover...not sure if it was an IDW page...


Also, Generations Soundwave. I love the figure and...he's almost there...sooo close! He would have been my classics Soundwave but he's just soo small and just a hair taller than a Classics Seeker? Sighs.


The fanmode boombox is cool too but soo close...! Even if he could interact with Classics Ravage...Dah! He stays in Boombox mode as Cybertron Soundwave still holds the spot!


Maybe this guy'll be my Soundblaster?

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Ok, on Black Friday I bought:


PCC Grimstone and Icepick 2 pack: I already had Icepick, but all the Grimstones at the store were packaged with him, so Bleh. Grimstone looks nice but I haven't popped him out of the package yet so I'll say more later.



Where is everybody finding the Grimstones?

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    • Crankcase is hilarious. It's so awful and awesome at the same time. The entire front of the vehicle comes off, turns sideways, has a little piece flip around and becomes a gun. Ever since we first seen pictures of him I was wondering what they were doing with the front of his vehicle/chest. I never would've expected that though. It sure is a different design choice that's for sure. I can't wait for the upgrade kit to give him his shoulder cannons. I wonder how those will be implemented. I hope at least better than SS86 Jazz's shoulder cannon. Dead End is what it is still. Nothing to really talk about. I still don't like how Hasbro makes the lower legs longer than the upper legs for Transformers constantly though. Many of their designs would work better with longer upper legs like Dead End. Pointblank looks good. I understand the hate some have but I don't have that same hate. I just hate the Targetmaster still. We just had better ones that they're still using. Did it really cost that much to add one in at this point? Sure it's double the parts count and isn't gangmolded but still, it's not like Pointblank himself is all that complicated to begin with and the Battlemasters have long since made their money back with using those molds. They could've moved him into a wave with reissues or slight retools to eat some of the cost for that wave too instead of having it a wave with major retools and new molds entirely. Again, I can't wait to see the upgrade kit to give him that engine block spoiler gun thing to finish off the center rear of the vehicle mode. Hopefully they'll remember to put a 5mm port in the middle of it for a Targetmaster. Yeah Peacemaker already fills that spot but we all know that someone is going to make that piece to fit there. Skullgrin looks good but I don't like it as Skullgrin. I still think the original Generations Skullgrin is better overall. I do like all the weapons on this new one though. I'm just a little confused about what the vehicle mode is really supposed to be. It has treads in the back but nothing in the front. Is it a tank? Is it a half-track? Is it a hover tank? What is it? That head is awesome though and beats the older head by quite a bit. Transmetal II Megatron. Transmetal II Megatron. Wow. I just hope that the dragon neck/upper chest area is mistransformed. Or that something can be done. That was very much a bad choice if that's indeed all it can be. I can't wait to have to tighten up all those ball joints to get everything just like I want. Cryotek is the obvious redeco but I want one more other than him. I seen a digibash of him as RiD 2001 Megatron/Gigatron and while it looks good, I don't want that. I'd much rather have this redone as Beast Wars II Galvatron. It's not like the drill tank was all that much better than TMII Megatron's dragster so it's easy to leave out. Once you take out the drill tank, the dragons don't look too dissimilar to each other at that point. Yeah Galvatron didn't have a dragon arm but I'll take what I can get when it comes to a new toy for him.
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