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Your newest figures and your verdict


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Recent Purchases:


ROTF Superion-just waiting for my Add-On Appendage kit

Protector Armor and Sidearm-Makes Hot Rod Bulkier and better looking and Sidearm is neat little accessory

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I got 2 I can do:


RTS G2 Prime: Holy crap this guy is awesome! He's got near Revoltech posability and the ability to transform! Highly Recommend him!


Micromaster Combiner Reissue Sixturbo: Out of all the Sixteams I've owned, Sixturbo is the best is design terms. If you find him cheap on Ebay, get him!

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got wreck-gar, perceptor, prime and bumblebee from bbts today.


Wreck-gar: FINALLY! i like how his alt mode is a transformer sized motorcycle, hes big and bulky in both modes, and his crazy grin is just awesome. hes a bit fiddly and difficult to get into bike mode, but the result is worth the effort. highly recommended!


Perceptor: really awesome toy. the alt mode is ok, but the bot mode is outstanding! the chrome is gorgeous! a definite leg-up on the united version. the poseability isnt the best, but when have you seen perceptor do much more than rub his chin anyway? if you like perceptor or chrome or complicated transformations, he is recommended


Bumblebee: hes the same mold as classics bee, but molded in a much nicer yellow color, its pretty much G1 Bee in movie bee colors, which actually looks nice. im going to use him to replace my classics bee, the orangey yellow with the sparkles looks nicer to me than the more lemony yellow color of classics bee. if you already have Bee, you might not want him unless you like the richer color.


Laser Prime: really ugly paint in alt mode, but so ugly it becomes cool again!. the wheels and shape of the cab are decidedly chunky and looks better in person. although, it doesnt hold together super well. it comes packaged with 2 big clear ties holding it together, and when removed, the panels slip about and have trouble settling in to their designated spots. with some efort, the seams can be worked together, but the reward is not worth the effort. however, bot mode is just fantastic. theres some weird kibble bits like the doors on the inside of the forearms and the extra long heel spurs, but they are easily ignored when you get him into a good pose, which is easy to do, and comes naturally for the toy. the only hangups i find are the shoulder armor, in particular the connection tab that connects them in alt mode bangs into the torso, slightly hindering the right arms poseability; however this can be worked around with some creativity. oh also, light piping EVERYWHERE. recommended, a decent if not great deluxe figure.

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Perceptor, Wreck-Gar, G2 DLX Prime, Scourge and Kup.


Perceptor rocks. Interesting alt mode, moderately complex transformation for a deluxe, CHROME! Nice update to his G1 self.


Wreck-Gar is interesting. A little difficult to get into bike mode, but other wise a great figure. Nice posability, though mine has a bit of a loose waist.


Kup is great. A nice solid figure that goes in well with Classics Rodimus and Magnus and Generations Blurr. Now give us an Arcee and a Springer (for those of us who don't have Warbot Defender) and we have the cast from TFTM.


Scourge is a nice update as well. Will definitely pick up a few more of this guy for his Sweeps and make some paint adjustments to mark them as such.


G2 DLX Prime's development went something like this I believe:

G2 Laser Rod Prime: So you want to update me for your 2011 toyline which is a lot of G1 characters redone

Hasbro: Yup. And to help cut costs, we're gonna scale you down in size

G2 LRP: Wait a minute...

H: And to help us we got Michael Bay

G2 LRP: Whoa, whoa whoa, now wait a minute. Let me say...

Michael Bay: We're gonna give you a paint scheme similar to my Optimus Prime, shrink you down and cram you with awesomeness

G2 LRP: @#$!^*

And now we have a very cool toy, nice posability, cool sword, nice vehicle mode, light piping everywhere looks neat too. I'm pleased with him and he's sitting with my other Primes on my Prime shelf.

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Animated Oil Slick!


LOVE!! He's really a fantastically simple (Too simple) and dynamic (Very dynamic) character! I ...REALLY like this guy! Wonder why he was given so much flack?


Seriously, I'd rebuy this guy as Cy-Kill, Hasbro! Make it happen!


Incidentally, I'd rebuy this guy as Cy-Kill, Mr Freeze, Ghost Rider, Some un named Autobot...Groove maybe (or someone cold driven), Another Junkion type, Lightspeed ...the list can go on. This guy is ... bananas! :ohyeah

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Been a while, I've been busy....




G2 Laser Optimus Prime - decent figure. Like the robot mode, but his head looks weird. His truck mode is ok, however for whatever reason I am having such a hard time keeping his sword/trailer hitch in place. I rally wish this figure was done as a voyager instead. RTS G2 Optimus Prime as a Voyager would look cool standing next to the original Classics Voyager Optimus Prime.


Wreck-Gar - Cool mode, but something about this figure kind of leaves me wanting more. The motorcycle mode looks cool, I just wish they went with a cybertronian/Junkion looking motorcycle instead of an Earth bike. I hate the way it looks in vehicle mode alongside my other figures in vehicle mode.


Perceptor - Wish the color was more red instead of having such a pinkish hue. I really like his robot mode, and his vehicle mode looks good. I even like his unofficial scope mode. Would love to see this guy repainted as Soundwave similar to the Jin Saotome custom.


Tracks - I like the paint apps on the Hasbro version compared to the TT version. Great figure, fun transformation. Very faithful to the character. Reminds me of a small Alternator.




Thunderwing - Would have benefited from being a voyager sized figure. Very accurate to what I remember seeing in the comic.


WCF Cliffjumper - Same as Bumblebee, love this guy, better QC compared to my WFC Bumblebee.


Dirge - Great figure, one of my favorite molds. Why didn't I ever buy Classics Ramjet?

WTF. Can't wait to get Thundercracker.


WFC Soundwave - Awesome figure, really fun to play with. At first I wasn't too crazy about Soundwave's vehicle form, but I grew to like it. I even like the unofficial cassette player mode.





Bludgeon - This is the only ROTF figure I have. Never cared for the character, but he has a sweet tank mode, and an over all nice looking robot mod if not a bit frustrating.

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When I get Wreck-Gar, I'm getting two so they can ride each other, and Animated Oil Slick will be a Junkion as well.

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Fan's project Sidearm: For $10 you really can't complain about this guys. He's got better articulation than most minicons and is a great homage to the G1 target masters, plus has extra parts for the Protector armour. All I can say is I hightly reccomment this lil guy and am glad I picked up 2


Fan's project protector armour: If you have a classics Hotrod in your collection. This is a must have. It imrpoves on the articulation of the figure lots, especially in the arms. And as for the whole arm piece possibly stressing thing. I'm not worried about it whatsoever. I don't think it's gonna break on me anytime soon TBH. The only thing that does kinds scare me a little, is the way the rifle extension is in so tight. I'm worried that may break it I take it in and out too many times, So I'm keping it out of it's place in the trailer, no biggy


Both pieces, very highly reccommended. :thumb

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    • No. There's no way. This is pretty much someone's wish fulfillment list. There has to be another April Fool's Day that happens every June 24th that I'm just not aware of. I don't believe this list one bit. Especially since Legacy is supposed to be a one and done. It's a supposedly a filler line to finish off WFC and begin the next series/trilogy. Crasher? Nope. Hasbro is too scared to use the name...or are they? Road Ranger had his name didn't he? I hope it's not from either Mirage mold though and is instead from Dragstrip. It would be so easy to retool that into a Crasher that even has the front of the vehicle point out back behind her. I still don't see this happening though. Shadow Striker? Most likely Cyberverse and not Universe/OTFCC because then we'd also need Roulette. The Cyberverse character is now the G1 version so it makes the most sense. I don't see it happening. Never mind, it will be ROTF Shadow Striker lol. An upscaled SS86 Wheelie done in black and red. Just what everyone wanted right? Well, I want a black and red SS86 Wheelie and I haven't even seen him yet. Hot Rod? What we would all want is a retool of Override as IDW Hot Rod like the MMC figures but what we'll get is a redeco of SS86 Hot Rod instead. We'll get a redeco of SS86 Hot Rod eventually. It's only a matter of time with that one. What's next to add to that list, a retool of Cosmos or even Origin Bumblebee as Path Finder? Why not both? Blue Cosmos (no not the Blue Cosmos from Gundam) and grey Bumblebee. Maybe Smallfoot as a retool of an upcoming RID 2015 Strongarm too? Core Soundblaster? No shit. There's no way they're going to not do that eventually. Core class Dinobots? No way. I'd love it but no way. Needlenose? The one who's always on the votes but never wins? Hasbro is just toying with us with this one. There's no way they're going to make one now. They want to see the fans cry about it too much now. And he's downgraded from voyage to deluxe to pour more salt on the wounds. Hot Shot? Armada Hot Shot? There's nothing saying it's going to be Armada Hot Shot. When it's been an alternate universe character they always put that in its name. This could be Armada HS, Energon HS, Cybertron HS, RID 2001 HS, Animated HS. So which one is it? It's none of them because it's not happening. Deluxe Junkions with a number denoting future retools and redecos? What so a reissue of the RTS mold? The CW mold? They already made a voyager Junkion from Wreck Gar. I don't see why they'd need to do a deluxe at this point. Maybe for Detritus or Nancy? It just doesn't make sense. Tarn? Yeah no. It just doesn't seem like Hasbro want's to touch the DJD. Although we are getting a nice Jhiaxus though. But no. Just no. Leo Prime? Again, this whole list just sounds like wish fulfillment. There's no way. And then what? We get white, black and purple redecos? Thundertron, Alpha Trizer and GO Prime? Hasbro don't make such deep cuts for redecos and retools. Granted they've started to go pretty deep lately but not Leo Prime redeco deep. Prime Skyquake..............actually, I don't see why not with this one. But they'll probably use either Seeker mold or Jhiaxus for it though. Don't expect the beefcake he was. Although I would like him, Dreadwing and Megaplex who don't break. Not that mine are broken...that I know of... Oh wait. I brushed over the fact that it says leader and not voyager. No way it's happening now. I just completely assumed it was voyager as it made the most sense. For a leader Skyquake it would need to be Euro G1 for Hasbro to most likely do it, not Prime. Armada Megatron? I don't see why not with him either. New mold and all. This one I believe fully. Galvatron and Megazarak redecos too this time. Most of these figures are just too on point for what fans what for Hasbro to do them.  I would love to be wrong though. Well, other than Soundblaster as that's bound to happen sooner rather than later. I really hope I'm wrong. I want some of these so much. Watch I'm wrong on everything but that means no Armada Megatron as I think that one is real.
    • Transformers Velocitron is not even shipping yet, and JTPrime17 flies in with newly leaked listings offering up many spoilers for what is coming our way in 2023. First off, IF you liked what's going on with Velocitron there is Wave 2 coming too. Next, Legacy has lots more in store next year with some new nods to Cybertron, Prime, G1, and Aw yeah, Armada fans will be getting their fix with at least one leader exposed. Click Image to Read the Full News Story Now
    • Toyhax really surprised us with the Conversion Set to change Siege Sideswipe to G2 Go-Bot Optimus Prime.  
    • Just in from In Demand Toys are a couple of images of the First Look at Transformers Legacy Buzzworthy Bumblebee Creatures Collide 4 Pack. This is the second Collide Boxed set with Autobot Goldbug, Ransack, Sky Wasp, and Predacon Scorponok. What has been leaked for some time, we've seen most of these figures but here we get the full look at the packaging and proper names. Click Image to Read the Full News Story Now
    • Target's Summer Geek-Out dropped their new Transformers X Tonka Mash-Up set, the "Tonkanator", with official images and details. The G2 Yellow Devastator is rebranded as a Tonka team with logos and all at a price of $104.99 USD. What should be immediately obvious is Hasbro owns both of the brands, so it is an interesting idea that may or may not resonate with fans. Click Image to Read the Full News Story Now
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