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Your newest figures and your verdict


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Just got Sunspot as my own X-Mass Present to my self. Anyhow I really wanted Sky Stalker but I have to thank all the SCALPERS out there for making it impossible to find one "THANK YOU VERY FUCKING MUCH FOR GRABBING EVERY SKY STALKER...REALLY, I APPRECIATE IT". Anyhow I got a Sun Spot; the colors are growing on me. They are not that bad and the mold holds well...no degradation. This mold really is the best scout ever made PERIOD. The Number one aspect of the figure is that this design and engineering is so completely feasible in the real world. I can really see our military gown the next step with our current drones and making them transform into robots. This style to me represents the most logical next step in that direction.


But anyhow... this is one of my top favorites. So I have 3 good figures from this year: Battle Blades Bumble Bee, Side Arm Side Swipe (my absolute favorite of the 3) and now Sun Spot.

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ROTF Arcee: New worst figure ever made. Even worse then Rampage. It has no redeeming qualities whatsoever except for being a good worthless piece of shit. 0/10

at least she's better than chromia. I've never regretted 2 toys as much as that terrible duo, and I've bought about 3 star wars crossovers!


I agree...to a point. I do think the concept behind the Wheelsnakes was quite good, actually. Chromia's midsection kills off any affection I might have had for her base mode. Arcee's arms just ruin it for me. Neither arm is fully functional...which might be a first for a set of ball-jointed arms. Her right arm is useless unless it is extending to point her blade at something, and I don't think there is a way outside of an extensive kitbash to make her left arm anything outside of the floppy mess that it currently is. They are good ideas that just didn't translate into those toys (because the Chromia and Arcee that came with HA Skids and Mudflap are quite good, FWIW). I wouldn't have a dam thing to say about either DLX toy if Chromia's midsection were re-tooled or if DLX Arcee looked like HA Arcee (but with DLX Arcee's level of articulation).

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Just Yesterday, I went to Wal Mart and Got WoC Bumblebee and Movie Terradive. Here's my views on both of them:


Bumblebee: Worth being in the deluxe class of Generations (Optimus, Megatron and Soundwave should have been voyager class in my opinion), But transforming him into his courier vehicle mode is just a bitch. Some parts don't want to move and in the end, I get slight gap marks in the mode. Robot mode is just awesome with a lot of poseability and those flip out blades.


For Bumblebee- 4.5/5 only because of the hard Transformation and gaps I keep getting in his alternate form. Also, if you look at the vehicle mode from head on, to looks kinda like Movie Bee's helmet.



Now Terradive:


Just kick-ASS!. Usable articulation, unique transformation (Which is somewhat origami like in my humble opinion), and just overall awesome. With only one (incredibly minor) gripe- he's colored just like a creamcicle. And I dunno about you, but that could make people hungry.



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Just got Protector , and he is awesome! I'm surprised by how strong he feels for a third party figure. The only parts I'm a little scared of breaking are the tiny clips that connect the arm pieces to the inside of the shoulders.

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Picked up Terradive FINALLY the other day. Been looking for this guy for a LONG time. He is amazing. Believe all the hype about him. Some unique points that earn him extra cred in my book:


1. Trident weapon - how many TFs have ever had this weapon? Off the top of my head, I'm guessing one of the Seacons and RiD Bruticus kinda-sorta had a 3-pronged flail.


2. Two-handed weilding - another new trend that is amazing, given how many TFs are given weapons that obviously require two hands to operate.


3. Nosecone transformation - the way his chest folds around is fun and creative. Amazing how many jet-formers are out there and yet they still find new ways to TF them.


4. Solid paint apps - the use of silver and gold on his face and select parts really makes this figure pop. All the right areas are highlighted, showing off the great sculpt work.


5. Opening forearms - yay, no fold-out hands! I hate the gaps caused by fold-out hands. The rotating piece in the forearm completely alleviates this and makes an immense aesthetic improvement on the figure.


6. Low-kibble design - everything tucks away nicely on this guy. No giant backpack syndrome or anything. It all integrates and accentuates the bot mode.


Easily the best TF of the year, IMO. 10/10 :thumb

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HFTD Terradive: Triple A figure for all the reasons everybody else has been talking about. 5/5


RTS Jazz: Words can't describe it accurately. G1 Jazz at his best. He is missing some paint apps on the back of his vehicle mode tho, but thats minor for me as I display in robot mode (that area forms the back of his legs. His weapon is cool looking and his head looks much better in person (tho a smile would have been nice). He has a big footprint that looks deceptively normal in size (look at them from the bottom). Speakers are a bonus. It's hard to say which figure is better, Terradive or Jazz; but Im going to say Jazz because its Jazz! 4.9/5


RTS Tracks: He's interesting. The flames on his hood are kind of lame. His shoulder rockets are also a bit on the small size. His feet are strangely thin. Despite those faults, robot mode has a lot of character to it. The head looks great. Wings sort of interfere with the arms a bit but the big problem with those are his shoulders. They are kind of actually on top of his torso as opposed to being on the side. It makes posing him kind of awkward. 3/5

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The springy feet are something I can live with because his feet actually stay flat.


That simpleness of Universe Silverbolt was a reason I really liked him. I may look into Thunderwing but only if I see him at retail. I wasnt too impressed with him. Now if someone comes along and makes an upgrade kit for his Ultra Robot Mode, Ill buy one.

FansProject, if you're reading this, PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE???????? :(




Agreed! Arielbots!! I for one would love to see add ons for a FP Classics Superion set. They still owe us a Sphinxtron! ^_^

Must have Sphinxtron! :drool I'll throw another veredict out there:


RTS Battle in Space 2-Pack:

Rodimus: Kinda cheep feeling, but has a more Hot Rod vibe to him. For some reason the car roof in mine is LOOSE and I can't stand it!


Cyclonus w/ Nightstick: He's awesome to look at. I like how his color scheme is right between the dark ominus Universe toy and the bright happy Henkei toy. Nightstick just adds the icing to the perfect cake.


Extras: Like the pack in comic. Better than that animated pack in comic with the twins. And SOLID METAL MATRIX!!! All I want is a chain to make a necklace outta it!


Overall: Great for anyone who deosn't own either of these toys. Just keep an eye out on that Rodimus.

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HFTD Tomahawk - THIS is how you do a good Deluxe helicopter Transformer, movie style or otherwise! As odd as an attack helicopter is for an Autobot, it does open up possibilities for the upcoming (likely) Decepticon repaint/retool, whatever it may be called. (mind you this is just speculation based on the different head shown in the instructions)


The vehicle mode is nice, though not as streamlined as his wave mate, Terradive. Having four points to mount 3mm clips is of course a great idea, especially when two are disguised as the chain guns on the wings, and I really like that his weapons can use the clip system as well!


The robot mode has a more Classics style to it in the upper body. The legs, in particular the feet, are definitely more movie style. Unfortunately, he's not as clean as Terradive as far as kibble is concerned. The rotor doesn't have anything to hold it in position, which would have been nice. But the launchers are his biggest problem. Do the missiles really have to be so long in the back? The launchers use a 5mm peg which can fit okay in Tomahawk's hands, (the peg could use to be a bit longer) but the missiles make wielding the launchers in his hands extremely awkward. On the bright side though, using the tail as a pincer/scissor weapon is a unique idea that works for me.


Overall, he's worth picking up. However, between him and Terradive, go for Terradive first.

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Okay guys, what the hell is Sphinxtron? Is it that Sphinx robot thing from G1?


No your thinking of the Giant Purple Griffin. Sphinxtron is a supposed Decepticon from FansProject's City Commander Comic/Instruction sheet. Speaking of FansProject........


TFX-04 Protector- As my first third party set, it's pretty nice. Doesn't feel cheap, looks badass for a slightly oversized deluxe, but the one thing that irks me is his comically huge head! :tflaugh


TFX-05 Sidearm- For $10 anybody should pick up this Targetmaster!

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