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Your newest figures and your verdict


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Perfect Effects Ninja - This little gal is awesome. Even a little better then Shadow Warrior. Her little swords a nice addition and her cannons arent nearly as cumbersome. 8/10


Perfect Effects Kingbat - Ummmm. What? An update to Ratbat is a great idea. Making his "Cybertronian" mode as a sword/trident is another great idea. Making him a partformer is a horrible idea. Seriously, his cannons pop out and reattach at his sides, then attach his wings (which have no place to go in alt mode) and then flip down his head and your done. He has zero articulation except his head which can swivel up and down. The sword mode is literally just him plugged into an actual sword thats completely separate otherwise. He looks cool in the pictures, he's a great concept, but he has zero playability. And he feels fragile. Be careful when plugging his wings together. 1/10


2010 Cobra HISS Tank - AWESOME! Something about having to put it together and apply the stickers is super nostalgic. Plus the tank looks amazingly beastly brutal. I just wish it gave me more guns to plug on there. 10/10



Some backlog figures:


HFTD Sunspot - Excellent mold made better by a visually more entertaining paintjob make it sweeter. He looks like delicious candy! Shares the same problems as Skystalker tho, weird legs sometimes makes his poses weird. His weapons when in hand make gaping holes in his wings. 9/10


WFC Megatron - best Megatron ever. Great posability, the red on his paint is a good contrast to his mostly white body. A large footprint to stay stable but without looking terribly goofy. Hasbro didnt cut any corners in robot mode. His tank mode is perfect too since all Megatron was ment to be was a giant hand gun of doom. 10/10


WFC Soundwave - One of the best Soundwaves. Armored car mode is acceptable to me as it retains enough to make it Soundwavey. "Boombox" mode is icing. Robot mode is beyond awesome. I would have liked it to look meaner like in the concept art for WFC, but thems me being picky. 10/10


Cobra Jungle Recon - WHAT>!? too awesome! As with nearly all JOEs, he has problems holding his rifle with both hands (when will this be fixed?!?! ARGH!!). He comes with a ton of accessories, most of which make up his armor/gillie suit. The sniper rifle is as cool as they come (he just cant hold it). 7/10

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Jazz, Tracks. Blurr and Breacher!!! WIN WIN WIN and WIN!!! Now I've got a Roller! ...Well, upgraded. ~_^

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I finally had some cash left over and got to pick up a new TF. I went with Straxus, and as much as I was looking forward to him, having him in-hand is even better than I expected! Awesome character choice by Hasbro to give fanboys something to squeal about and newer TF fans a nod towards a piece of TF lore they've probably never experienced. I hadn't planned on getting Skullgrin, but after seeing pics and knowing how awesome this mold is, I may just break down and double up here before getting some of the other G1-inspired goodness currently gracing shelves! My only complaint about this toy is the sometimes awkward angles on the hook-system weapons. Not being part of the main toy, though, I can't deduct any points for that. 10/10 :love

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Reveal The Shield Rodimus vs. Cyclonus


Rodimus - I never got the original Classics release or any version up until now so I cant compare. With that said the articulation and accuracy to the character are acceptable. The paint apps in particular are excellent and the little saw concealed in his wrist is an awesome touch. I also like his gun a lot (maybe its the apps). 8/10


Cyclonus - I love this mold as it is. I didnt think I would enjoy this repaint so much but its far superior. Its amazing what a little paint can do. Nightstick in particular recieves much of the boon from having better paint. As before, his articulation and accuracy are superior to almost any other classic TF. 10/10


The Matrix that the set comes with is a nice little extra that Hasbro didnt have to come through with. I am highly appreciative because saying that, its not just something they shelled out lightly. It's made out of metal and really shiny. Unfortunately since both Rodimus and Cyclonus have closed fists and the Matrix itself doesn't come with anything like a chain or clip, they cant interact with it. This doesn't knock against the set as before, it didnt have to be there at all. Its just a bonus.


The comic is pretty much what you expect. Its not epic but its a nice addition. The Classic/Animated style is off-putting and tying the book into the 1989 Animated film (it specifically states) retconns Lugnut into the G1 cast. Noice! Plus Kup calling Tracks Warpath in one panel and Lugnut in another is amusing.

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Battle Ops Bumblebee.


I've played with it literally everyday sense last week so yeah, Win!

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Reveal The Shield: Special Ops Jazz


I f*ckin love this figure. He looks so awesome. Great articulation. The pistol is pretty loose in his right hand, but thats not really a big deal since it fits fine in his left, could just be an issue with mine. Not really a fan of those speakers. Kind of wish his upper torso would lock into place.


Anyways, this figure definitely beats Animated, Human Alliance, and .... Alt/BT. As great as those were, I'm just glad to finally have a true G1(ish) version of the guy.... now, I just gotta wait for a Soundwave.

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I tell you what, I have been just floored by Hasbro lately. Just about everything since ROTF ended has been pure gold. Even a lot of the HFTD stuff. I dont think Hasbro has made a bad Scout figure since Wave 2 of ROTF. All the G1ers are near perfect too (cant speak for anything I dont have because Perceptor could be suspect). My only complaint is that there isnt more variety in a line that celebrates all of the TF brands. Namely a lack of beasts and Animated.

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I gotta few I can do:


Generations Dirge: Thought he'd bed a boring repaint, but I love the way that glossy black contrasts with his dull blue.


Generations Thunderwing: Love it. Simple Vehicle Mode + Nosecone Drone + Simple Transformation= one Badass Robot.


HTD TRU Exclusive Devastator: Kinda bland witht the Green and white, but at least I have one!


HTD Sunspot: Neat but I hate his springy feet! :fire

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The springy feet are something I can live with because his feet actually stay flat.


That simpleness of Universe Silverbolt was a reason I really liked him. I may look into Thunderwing but only if I see him at retail. I wasnt too impressed with him. Now if someone comes along and makes an upgrade kit for his Ultra Robot Mode, Ill buy one.

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