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Your newest figures and your verdict


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be sure to shave the handles of the swords to be a tiny bit thinner. if you pop them in and out of the hands more than once (even the "proper" way of sliding them in from the top), the thumbs start to show stress marks. irritating to have to take the etra step to keep the figure from eventually losing some digits, but even with thinner handles, she holds the swords well.


Thanks for this heads up! I didn't know about this one. And for what I went through to acquire Arcee I really don't want anything to happen to her.


That said... my latest figure is WFC Soundwave. My overall verdict is 8/10! The paint apps are sadly lacking and though he is pretty accurate to his gamesake, I really wished we could have had some Voyager class figures for this line up.


This would be one of them I would nominate for the upscaling! Unlike Megatron who isn't that bad of a deluxe class figure, Soundwaves size is more of an impediment to the overall quality of the figure. He's nice, just not perfect.

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Animated Rodimus


I picked up two of this guy, the last two at my TRU. I have to say, very nice. However, the mold seems to suffer from the same hit/miss QC issues that Animated Arcee did where either everything aligns PERFECTLY or everything's off by about a millimeter. I only intended to open one, but the first one didn't quite fit together right, despite my best modding efforts. I eventually caved and opened the second one, which was perfect. My advice if you find this guy in the store: Look for the one where the side panels line up the best. The first one I opened up was the least attractive of the two, the panels were showing gaps. I had intended to keep the one that looked perfect MISB. Ignoring QC issues, this is a fantastic mold. The car mode is fantastic, sleek and compact and the robot is well proportioned (despite how disproportionate the pictures made him look) and poseable. From what I can tell he's made of far sturdier plastic than the rest of animated and I don't think the way he snaps together will wear out for a long time.


HFTD PayLoad

(the LongHaul repaint)


Kind of a crappy figure, though that might just be because it's a second run. The QC was poor and the plastic was slightly warped in places and felt cheap. He felt like a high end KO in every way: In design, in make, in plastic quality, and in looks. The only thing I REALLY like about this mold is how the truck bed can move.


StarWars Crossovers Yoda


Not a bad figure. He's short and stout and ADORABLE. His wing kibble is kind of annoying, but I just fold it down and back and pretend it's a cape facsimile and it doesn't bother me any more. His legs have limited poseability and they're blocked in places by his body. The same is unfortunately true for the arms, though to a lesser extent. Fortunately, he has plenty of nice, tight ratchets and big, wide feet, so he balances easily. He doesn't have much posability, but what he has he can use well.


His transformation is quite well done and is fun to do. It's also done in such a way that I can believe the robot mode is really just Yoda in transformable armor, thus removing the WTF factor most SWTFs have. His jet mode looks really nice, with only two spots showing Yoda's green. Do I reccomend him? Watch a video review and see if there's anything you like. I like him, but I don't think most people will.




Neat little guy. I like his transformation and robot mode, although he is a little back heavy. It's his alt mode where I take some issue. Essentially, his legs don't really peg into anything and can shift around easily, which offsets the treads. I would have liked it if one of the feet had a fold out peg. I like him and I recommend him, just be warned that if you have OCD like I do you might find him a little frustrating.


Sidearm Sideswipe


OH MY GOD THIS GUY IS AWESOME. His car mode is well balanced and fits together just about perfectly. His transformation is involved, intuitive, and the only downside is that it's over so soon. Oh, and the head catches from time to time. His legs don't quite have the posability I'd like and his head is kind of small, but otherwise his robot mode is perfect. It's stable, well balanced, and the arms do everything the old DLX version lacked. This guy is 100% awesome.


WFC Megatron


The best of my recent haul. His robot mode is big, intimidating and awesome. His legs allow for almost any pose, with feet that can angle in almost any direction. His arms, while a little limited, still allow for MANY characterful poses and expressions. His head is spot on and menacing, although I wish it were on a balljoint so it could have just that little bit extra expression in it. His transformation is quick and seamless. His tank mode is nice, although a little underwhelming. It's not bad, which is all that I require since the robot mode is so awesome. I tend to keep the tread pieces of his arms together in alt mode, though with his hands folded up, and the elbow bent all the way so the treads are under the tank and angling up the cannon. The red is turned out, by the way, when I do that. He can't roll, but he look like a pretty cool artillery piece. This guy is a must have.

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got battle blades prime.


Overall verdict is 8/10


I have two major complaints with the figure. The first is the forearms, its either those blasted hood panels or swords that get in the way when posing. You can pop the swords off of course, but its so fking scary, not to mention that it stretches the softer plastic.


My second complaint is with the knee's. In vehicle mode the knees have to fold inward in order for the legs to fit under the trucks body. But in robot mode this "feature" doesn't lock in place...matter of fact its like hasbro molded the legs to purposely push the knee's inward. The result is School Girl Prime.





Also I got a whole bunch of legends figures, mainly sandstorm, red rampage, Long Haul, ravage, blue sideways, and black hound. For the most part they are all kinda decent, but I must agree with what everyone has to say about rampage and long haul.

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Just landed WFC Megs and Straxus, and godDAMN...these two are absolutely, awe-inspiringly incredible. I was only really looking forward to Megs, but I just couldn't pass up Straxus-at a K-Mart, no less. Straxus blows my mind. Incredibly articulate, absolutely un-mistakable as Straxus, formidably armed--with a clever transformation and two, no three, kickass modes...Straxus can do no wrong, ball-jointed feet and all.


As far as Megatron goes...Jesus...I don't recall a Megatron figure being both this articulate, intimiating, and versatile--in ALL of his modes--outside of TFA LC Megs and the Bayverse voyager...and this toy owns the Bayverse figure. All of them.

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I'm only a little disappointed in Meg's arms, but that's quickly fading because I'm getting used to the limitations and how to work around them.


One of my three has all three cannons and another has no cannons and quite a bit of his armor cut off so I can have a Pre-war Megatron. I still have a little bit of chopping to do on the face to make it look less evil and I plan on squaring off the bottom of his chest piece so he's not so angular. I'll also reprolabel an autobot symbol on his chest and add a canopy to his back so he can have a "car" mode. Without the cannon if you turn his alt mode around it almost looks like a racer of sorts.

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I am loving Skullgrin! I love the modern take on his head and this mold has a crazy interesting transformation and a sweet tank mode. I also like the colors better then Straxus. The clip-on weapons system and pick axe are a plus. The only knock against it are those questionable ball-joint ankles and no light-piping in the eyes. I hope someone makes a kit to fill in the ankle gaps and add some support. 9/10

post-10982-077516100 1292535223.jpg

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During my extensive Christmas shopping I stumbled across some great figures. Target is saving me some money by selling the deluxes for $9. In no particular order, Thunderwing: Really cool figure. Easy transformation, but both modes are slick and I like his rifles which can stack to form a twin buster cannon. His light piping is great as well.

WFC Cliffjumper: He's better than Bumblebee. Love the head mold and the dark red he's molded in looks really good.

Turbo Tracks: Great homage to G1. Like Cliffjumper, he appears to be tooled for light piping, but it's been painted over. What's up with that? I've noticed that on a lot of figures recently.

And last, but certainly not least, Jazz: He damn near takes my vote as best "Classics" Transformer to date. Just amazing in every way. Great modes, maximum articulation, non-intrusive speaker gimmick, and functional light piping! I can't recommend him enough. The only drawback as many people have stated, he could've used more paint apps. Nothing a paintbrush and a steady hand can't remedy....

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Agreed about Jazz, but I'm going to wait and see what Reprolabels comes out with for him. I like their newest Turbo Tracks set.

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I am loving Skullgrin! I love the modern take on his head and this mold has a crazy interesting transformation and a sweet tank mode. I also like the colors better then Straxus. The clip-on weapons system and pick axe are a plus. The only knock against it are those questionable ball-joint ankles and no light-piping in the eyes. I hope someone makes a kit to fill in the ankle gaps and add some support. 9/10

The pics I have seen make me wish I had passed on straxus and picked this one up instead.

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Battle Blade Bumblebee - I have the Concept Camaro 'Bee from the first movie. And I was happy. Then this thing came along, and after finally breaking down to get him, this is THE Bumblebee to get if you only want one. Just kind of wish more of the details were painted in...

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