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Your newest figures and your verdict


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Got my upgrade parts for Classics 2.0 Inferno today! :yay I don't know why but I'm so much mroe happy with inferno all in all now!


Thanks again to Breaker for selling the parts to me! ;thumb You da man!

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WFC Bumblebee---like the figure except for his slight hump-back-edness or dumptyism (whichever you prefer!); love the weapons; slightly less enamored with the open hands and slightly gangly limbs; wish the alt was more like his G1 Pre-Earth mode, but enjoy his Tron-iness and fun transformation---7/10


WFC Prime---like the alt mode and transformation a lot-very intricate; not a fan of his big ears and small overall size-wish he was a voyager (Bumblebee's head seems to be twice the size of Prime's); wish the weapon pegged like the directions say without coming unhooked; wish he was more like the 6" Titaniums in design of both robot and alt; I really enjoy the WFC aesthetic on his alt (and Bumblebee's) for its own merit---7/10


OTFCC Punch/Counterpunch---I love him a lot! Wish the head(s) was larger and wish they had figured out a way to do 2 sided hands---9/10

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I got Alternity Megatron. He's awesome, but his legs are disappointing. I've tried beefing up the pegs, but that didn't work out very well. It helped the roof immensely, as it now will not unpeg easily, but it made it harder to get the side panels pegged onto the shin because there's no way to get enough leverage to put them over the now thicker pegs. I think I'm just going to tighten the false knee and slide the side panels in between the gray piece and the translucent piece. It looks better that way and it's more stable unless you pull on his foot.

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And now the other day I received my VF-17 Nightmare Stealth Bomber. The jet mode's chubby, but solid and fun to "Whoosh" around. The robot mode looks awesome, but it doesn't have normal bending knees without modifying the legs slightly. There's plastic that obstructs the shin bending back. It's a really nice figure overall, especially after the knee modification, but I wish Kawamori weren't such a scatterbrained fool who can't help but give his otherwise extremely well done figures some sort of horribly debilitating flaw.

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Just got a ton of stuff:


Generations Thrust - WAAAAY better then I anticipated. I love this mold now, also the paint is Takara quality. He's like a crimson pearl. 8/10


Generations Drift - Dont care much for the character but the figure is awesome! Very well designed, awesome vehicle mode and an even better robot mode. 8/10


Generations WFC Optimus - This is now my favorite deluxe Optimus figure ever made. 9/10


Generations WFC Bumblebee - Very nice, 7/10


ROTF Knock-Out - Not as great as the Scouts that followed, but also not really bad. Squarely in the middle. 5/10


ROTF Dirt Boss - See above. He gets a small bonus for having an unconventional alternate mode. 5.5/10


ROTF Dead End - A very zombie-ish looking figure with a neat little car mode. 6/10


PE-Rumble & Frenzy - redecos of Shadow Warrior with all the pros and cons. 8/10


Knight Morpher - Ummmmm, okay. He is very well designed but very poorly planned. A lot of loose or too tight joints mar a good looking bot. The trailer is a nice touch tho. 6.5/10


Revoltech Gurren & Lagann - I feel a little jipped because you cant form Gurren Lagann with this release, even tho both bots necessary for the combining are present. Joints are ratchety and classic Revoltech: they suck. You almost feel like your going to break them when you try to move them and often they wont give you the desired pose you were wanting. The blind-packed figure it comes with is garbage. Those things aside, he is pure awesome BECAUSE he is Gurren & Laggan. 7/10


McFarland Halo 2 Master Chief - a nice figure that could use a bit more articulation, but overall a nice representation of the Chief. 7/10


Spawn figures are Spawn figures, made for show - N/A

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Picked up Sea Spray today. Haven't opened him up yet, but he looks decent enough in the package. I like the packaging because although it looks like it's for the ROTF toyline, they don't state what line it's for. So now I think he will go in with my Universe and Classics!!!!

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Went on a mini road trip today about an hour north to look at a toy store. while there we learned of a location of another couple minutes up the road. Found an Alternators Smokescreen. No Box, no directions but the figure is complete with weapon, in my oppinion good condition, minus doors that dont really snap in, not sure if they're supposed to. Never thought Id actually get this figure but for $10 I figured what the hell.

And he's pretty cool.

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Forgot to mention that I opened my Bioshock Big Daddy figure too.


He is MASSIVE and real heavy. Just like the other Bioshock figures he is oozing with personality, great paint apps and attention to detail. I cant help but wish there was a light inside his helmet tho, this figure is big enough for it and for the price I think it woulda been good. Just like the other figures tho, articulation is almost nil, these guys are solely made for display and thats it. I give it a 7/10 as a display piece but a miserable 4/10 for play factor (even tho its not meant for play I dont think).

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Well, I opened Sea Spray today. Overall judgement.....7 out of 10. First off he's got some personality with key objects. Like for instance, his face looks like a diver's mask and he has flippers that can pop out of his feet. That's a great Gen 1 nod to me. I was upset that there wasn't a lot of yellow paint apps. I'm not sure what series of toy he belongs in anyway, but I just put him in with my Classics/Universe series. Transformation is easy and his alt mode is cool looking. Even has a docking station on back for "scout" figures to ride on. Possibility would be about 6 out of 10. I don't like the way his feet are situated and causes you to have to bend his legs back at the hip to have him stand up straight. Just to sum up things, he's a pretty cool figure and actually looks really good standing in the Classics/Universe line.

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i got seaspray myself not too long ago, and i am really digging his frogman motif! the scuba tanks on his back, the cables and tubes running along his body, and the sleek design of his robot mode all add up to a totally unique and awesome aquatic themed transformer. ive got mine standing next to wal-mart powerglide. i reeeeeally hope they do a voyager or ultra warpath!

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    • In a week with family sickness courtesy of the big C, and tech issues, in light of a missed countdown question, I offer a personal list this week with the Transformers most special to me and why. Back to our usual voting this Wednesday! https://youtu.be/H9STcW8b0pM
    • I'd rather this be video game tie in toys and not more Netflix show tie ins. But ultimately I'd rather see figures made from the Predacons Rising movie than anything else. I'd also like some from Beast Wars II: Lio Convoy's Close Call! as well. The Beast Wars II movie would be how we get Burning Convoy and Flash Lio Convoy decos lol. But most importantly, it will give us Galvatron Tripledacus and Magnaboss!!! Preacons Rising will give us Predaking, Skylynx and Darksteel. Maybe even Prime Megatron and Starscream that aren't G1ified like Knockout, Arcee and Bulkhead.
    • Looks fine to me. It wouldn't be the first Laserbeak figure made from a pink colored Bumblebee that we got. And since he wasn't the same size as Bumblebee while looking like him, core class makes sense instead of a deluxe. The box art matches up with the scene it happened in too. Granted that the other core class SS figures don't have THAT large a background as the character art is featured more prominently. Maybe it's the art that will indeed be on the box but photo shopped and sized incorrectly. Assuming that the figure is actually coming out that is. So if this is true then it's another core class meant to scale with the larger figures like Spike and Ravage do. Obviously the Bumblebee made from this will scale with the other core class figures like Shockwave and Ratchet. I think it's kind of brilliant. One mold can be two characters for two different scales.
    • Just in from the Transformers Coleccion de Juguetes en Puerto Rico Facebook group is another curiosity with what looks like official images of a Studio Series Core Class Dark Of The Moon Laserbeak? The previously leaked Laserbeak listing let us know one is coming, but clearly that is a possible Pink Bumblebee with a very questionable box graphic. Click Image to Read the Full News Story Now
    • Thanks to 暗之帝王 on Weibo who has shared in-hand images of the NewAge H43V Umibozu figure from their Legendary Heroes. Check out the unofficial legends class Beast Wars Depthcharge figure in and out of the packaging. They did a great job realizing this character in a 4.7 inch tall figure. Check out the in-hand images of NewAge H43V Umibozu that is schedueld to ship in August 2022. Click Image to Read the Full News Story Now
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