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Animated Removed from Cartoon Network Schedule

Beast Megatron

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After a successful run, Transformers Animated has finally been removed from Cartoon Network's schedule. The series, which aired its final episode several months ago, continued to air in syndication on weekday mornings long after its series finale. Now, Animated has been completely removed from Cartoon Network's schedule, with no episodes airing on the network in the near future. Thus ends a very bright era in Transformers cartoon history.

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I am so lost on this. Until animated Beast machines was the best well written animated anything for transformers and still there are those who would argue against me about how brilliant Beast machines was but Animated??!?! Almost every transformers fan will agree that this was truly the best transformers cartoon OF ALL TIME!!! The writing was good enough to attract top actors to do voice overs (Lance Henrikson). And yes Hasbro was fully aware that this Cartoon was the best period...hence at one of the cons San Diego or Bot Con, anyhow, at the Animated panel they made it clear that all questions regarding "why was Animated Canceled, Please bring it back, what can be done to bring it back" ect...ect...were going to be completely ignored. The Panelists were very clear "Animated is over, accept it, get over it!" It will be real sad if hasbro goes back to the transforming toys that have the cheap gimicks and horrible cartoons like armada or energon or cybertron. Oh well that's all I have to say.

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i seriously wanted to cry when i just read this='[

as if they did something horrible enough by ending the series after only 3 seasons, now they're taking it off the schedule for good?!

wtf man!? no more blitzwing on tv at 6 am?! thats the only reason why i got up at 6 am in the morning!

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Excuse me Cartoon Network, Ima let you finish, but TFA was the best transformers cartoon of all time! ALL TIME!

I lol'd.

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it was bound to happen with the way cartoon networks been goin for the past few years...Animated was my favorite show since beast wars...as with many fans (machines never happened lol) the show brought us a return for allot of G1 characters that we haven't seen in a show in years like the seekers, dino bots and so on, plus it was the first truly perfect character design transition to toyline ever with staying true to the designs with out sacrifices to make the toys, and as far as I'm concerned they really blow the movie toys away in accuracy. I only hope the next series to come will be good and will have as good a toy line as animated. I really wish they did another season there was so much potential for more characters and story development...who knows maybe they'll do a continuation like they did with armada to energon. My one big wish was to see a omega supreme figure maybe in th future if hasbro changes its mind.

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I'm sick of hearing about the show acuracy of Animated. Dam near every BW digure after season1, RID, and AEC figure was pretty much show acurate. Hell Energon even had hand slides in the show!


I have 25yrs of TFs on my shelves from every domestic series. Animated is the only line lacking in intricate detailing.


So jezz man, I hope thes professional designers could get straight flat lines and undetailed pannels like they had on TV.

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    • I'd like to put something into perspective about this set which is further strengthened by the recent leaks. First: This is TARGET's fault this happened, not Hasbro's. Why? Because they're the ones who cancelled the single release to begin with. Just like Walmart cancelled  "pink" Hot Rod in the Velocitron line.  Second: If Hasbro didn't do some sort of multipack for this, Hound wouldn't have been able to come out at all until possibly late 2025. How do I know this? The recent leaks that show that Crasher, Cosmos, Galaxy Shuttle and possibly Shadowstrip and the aforementioned Hot Rod (and hopefully Sideswipe, Mirage, Jazz and Dead End from Toxitron as well) as all being reissued sometime in 2025. It would've taken another year and a half to two years for Hasbro to try and course correct since that's about how far they plan in advance. If Hasbro not done this five pack then the earliest we would've been able to get Hound was 2025. I don't think the crybabies would've been able to wait that long. There's already people crying about having to wait that long for SS Hatchet as it is. That's the quickest they could've course corrected for the main lines. That is however what Generations Selects is for but I would imagine it couldn't have happened any earlier than this due to the licensing issues or whatever's going on that prevents Hasbro from using and/or reissuing new toolings and decos from store exclusives sooner. So there's a lot of behind the scenes stuff going on with this set. Or rather, Hound in particular. However and as others have pointed out over the internet, this didn't need to be a five pack. In all honesty, five packs are a bit much. Even four packs like the Buzzworthy ones were a bit much. Three packs should be where most multipacks should top out at provided there's no actually reason for four or five to be in a set like if they're a team or combiner or something. This should've been two-three packs by adding in Sideswipe as he also has translucent plastic. Then go from there with more. Bumblebee, Prowl, Bluestreak, Red Alert, Smokescreen, Hoist and so on can join these five, Sideswipe and Buzzworthy Cliffjumper in the blue painted window crew.  I'm not saying we should suck the dick of the great and powerful Hasbro for this or anything as it could've and should've been done better, I'm just saying that it's a lose/lose situation for them and that the vast majority of the hate should be directed at Target...and ultimately the fans for not having bought the previous Buzzworthy sets. However whoever designed some of them should get a lot of the blame too as some of them where badly timed, even if I do own all of them and wanted to own them. Terrorsaur did need to be reissued, Dinobot not so much even in toy colors for both. Tow-Line was a horrible mold reuse and the poor sales showed it. Origins Jazz was great. Bumblebee, maybe not quite as much. The four packs were great as well. But then that was counterbalanced by the horrible Cyberverse 1:1 reissues that had their Cyberverse counterparts also clogging shelves at the same time but hey, at least there's different packaging. It's just that there were big hits and big misses and barely anything in the middle. Had Hound and Hatchet gone through as planned, I would expect them to have sold poorly honestly. The only reason why people seem to be clamoring for them now is that they're two years late at this point and one is still another two years away. Were there people excited for them? Sure. However there seemed to be more who couldn't care less. And I'm sure that would've been reflected in the sales. So Target was right for cancelling them even if their shitty stocking and listing practices caused most of the wild sales discrepancies of the Buzzworthy Bumblebee line as a whole. But yeah, I see a lot of GoBots here lol.  
    • Back in the day, Takara's World's Smallest Transformers surprised everyone with their 2-inch Gashapon (capsule toys) sized figures that could actually transform from robot to vehicle. They even managed to make a transforming trailer and repair bay / command center, with tiny Roller for the Autobot Leader, when he needed to recharge. - Read the Full News Story
    • It is that time of year again for Walmart Collector Con 2024 Spring! This year's exclusives event will being going on March 14 & 15, 2023 with various reveals coming on both days. There will be a Sneak Peek starting on March 7th, that may give us some clues. If the leaked listings are any predictor, we could be seeing the Star Seekers capsule series with a cast of pirate characters including Cannonball, Ferel, Filch, Lockdown, Roadpig, and Thundertron figures, see possible listings below. - Read the Full News Story
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