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By the gods that was awesome!


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Just got back from seeing RotF (midnight screening, first in the city) and I was thoroughly impressed. Besides some human and college bits (which weren't bad, just filler as far as I was concerned) it's a totally solid movie with nothing major to complain about.


Cool bits.














The way Dev. works is pretty cool, in that, there's just a bunch of constructicons who form him, rather than a set of them. So while Dev. is climbing a pyramid, you also see what is effectively Long Haul, Mixmaster and Rampage (who is red and whose jackhammer mode is actually his standard robot one) fighting some Autobots. So all in, I'd say there are close to 10 if not more Constructicons. Also, Mixmaster really does use his 3rd cannon mode, it's pretty nifty. In the same scene (end fight scene really) there are a lot of Cons about, some of which are still in protoform mode, which is cool. Oh and Soundwave sounding just like The Claw from Inspector Gadget, pretty cool IMO. You don't see too much of Soundwave, but what you do see is great! Oh, and Megs actually returns to Cybertron and has a very Sith moment with the Fallen.


There's tonnes more, but I'm actually a fair bit tired, so briefly.....


Skids and Mudflap are actually really entertaining, as is Jetfire (who is English, not Scottish at all, as I had heard earlier).

The start of the movie is great which includes seeing Demolisher being totalled fairly easily considering how big he is.

Prime kicks lots of ass, like ninja style before Megs guts him from behind in the forest fight scene. And yet more when he's all combined with Jetfire.

Alice was interesting, but a bit tacked on. I mean, while the Cons are searching for Sam, she finds him but never really contacts any of them to let them know. It's like she was operating all by herself.

G1 voices a-plenty, at least, it certainly sounded like it.

The combat scenes were just pure-violence! In the first movie, a few punches and kicks were thrown, this time, the loser is normally ripped limb from limb or has their face ripped off!

Prime has big meat hooks aswell as swords! He uses them to rip Blackout's face apart and it rocks.



The only bits I can point out as not right, are, the bikes do not combine, Jolt is never really explained, he's just there, and I felt there wasn't enough interaction with Sam and the other Autobots besides Prime and BB.


Loads more that I'll no doubt add later, but yeah, I know much of this is already known, but knowing it and seeing it on the big screen are two very different things and it's just all out action.

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lol i thought i was the only to notice soundwave sounded like the claw!

and as for jetfire he sounded mancunian, ie from manchester for our american cousins.

works for me coz so am i!


the alice parts felt a bit like the terminator.


i think the non combining devestator now makes more sense in the fact the constructicons who made him didnt transform into robot modes.


nice to see the starscream/megatron relationship put in properly this time.

and to see megs have a kinda darth vader to the emperor relationship with the fallen.

even though id heard about it. its just seemed, weird.

but it worked.


it was what i was hoping for.

much better than the first film, and less "well what happened to ......." and "why are they doing that?" moments that the first was filled with.


better script, better action, more robots, it actually felt like it was about the transformers not the humans.

though jolt just appeared halfway through, never spoke and was just there.


primes 3 way battle with megs, starscream and grindor was pretty good.

though i thought they mightve killed prime at the end of this film and brought him back in the sequel.


and the final battle is pretty epic.


i still have issue with the first film, but this one has made up for it, this is what the first film shouldve been.

the same pattern as xmen, bad first film, awesome 2nd film.

lets hope they dont mess it up like x3 was.


and yeah sorry for everyone else who has to wait until weds.

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Yes it was completely awesome!


I'm guessing it will stop all the moaning about the Devastator toy now.


Did you notice the cargo ship was called "BAYOS" lol


Bumblebee kicked some major ass in the desert!




I can't wait to go again tommorow :awsum

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Megatron didn't return to Cybertron at all, that was one of Saturns moons.

What looked suspiciously like the Nemesis too.


Also; "Then I shall fight all of you" = Badass.

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DID NOT expect Flying Tank..


LOADS of moments that could have easily been left out of the movie but I am SO GLAD they werent..


"BOLLOCKS" :rofl


Lucas :drool dont usually like blondies...



Primes meathooks ARE his swords. They are just the metal and not using the Energon..

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Also; "Then I shall fight all of you" = Badass.

Yeah that was cool, he dropped quite a few good lines while he was kicking ass. The grindor face rip was excellent.

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Back from the second viewing and it just gets better and better! Now that I know how long certain fight scenes will be and how they'll flow it's easier to watch the movie as a whole.


About Dev......on the basis that those vehicles that make him up never show a robot form (and, as has been said, Long Haul, Mixmaster etc. never show a combining form), the two sets of toys make a fair bit of sense. A wee question though, who is it they take "parts" from when remaking Megatron? And do they kill that unfortunate Con entirely? I don't think they do as five signals go down and six come back up. I imagine it's the Constructicon that could've effectively been Scavenger (or maybe the same type as the yellow chappy with the ball and chain).



Something I forgot to mention, is....


1. where the hell was Barricade? Are we to assume that he's taken out during the 2 years?

2. Why are Sideways and Jolt getting toys when they do virtually nothing?

3. after rewatching Dev's combination, it's really just a mix-mash of robots, with Demolisher making up the core part, and mixmaster being more the neck than the head. Also, I really love it when you see Devastator pour out everything that he's sucked up, t'was cool.

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Spoil away my British brethren! Like some others, I could care less...I could read the whole script numerous times, and still enjoy the real deal with my own two eyes. Besides, this is the stuff I needed to know 3 weeks ago when I started purchasing action figures! :argh :rofl

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Spoil away my British brethren! Like some others, I could care less...I could read the whole script numerous times, and still enjoy the real deal with my own two eyes. Besides, this is the stuff I needed to know 3 weeks ago when I started purchasing action figures! :argh :rofl


:agree :yay

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