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Interchangeable Name/Role

Darth Caine

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My "G1 ReDux" collection....



Alpha Prime-Cybertron Vector Prime

Beachcomber- Universe G1 25th Ann. Legends Beachcomber

Big Daddy-Movie Big Daddy

Blades-Universe Classics Blades

Blaster-Universe Classics Blaster

Blockrock-Universe Classics Blockrock

Blurr-Cybertron Blurr

Brawn-Movie Strongarm

Bulkhead-Cybertron Crumplezone with Autobot Reprolabels

Bumblebee-Legacy of Bumblebee Classics Bumblebee

Cliffjumper-Classics Cliffjumper

Chromia-Movie Arcee (Scout)

Dai Atlas-Universe King Atlas

Dropshot-Cybertron CD Hot Shot

Elita-1-Movie Elita-1

First Aid-Cybertron Red Alert

Flak-Universe Classics Dropshot with Autobot Reprolabels

Gears-Movie Warpath

Getaway-Movie Breakaway

Grapple-Movie Mudflap with Autobot Reprolabels

Grimlock-Classics Grimlock

Groundshaker-Movie Air Raid

Guardian Prime-Armada Powelinx Optimus Prime

Hubcap-Classics Bumblebee with an orange face

Huffer-Movie Armorhide repainted by Sami

Hot Rod-Classics Rodimus

Inferno-Universe Classics 25th Ann. Inferno

Ironhide-Universe Classics Ironhide

Jazz- Universe Classics Legends Jazz

Jetfire-Classics Jetfire

Kup-Cybertron Breakdown GTS

Metroplex-Cybertron Metroplex

Mirage-Classics Mirage

Moonracer-BotCon 2005 Chromia

Optimus Prime-TT Henkei! Convoy

Outback-BotCon 2005 Fallback

Pipes-Cybertron Armorhide

Prowl-Universe Classics Prowl

Ramhorn-Cybertron Backstop

Ratchet-Energon Universe G1 25th Ann. Ratchet

Rewind-Cybertron Scrapmetal (yellow) with Autobot Reprolabels

Roadbuster-Universe G1 Roadbuster

Rodimus Prime-Energon Rodimus

Sentinel Prime-RiD Optimus Prime

Sideswipe-Universe Classics Sideswipe

Silverbolt-Universe Classics Silverbolt

Silverstreak-Universe Classics Silverstreak

Slammer-Cybertron Drill Bit

Slingshot-BotCon 2005 Riochet

Springer-Universe War Within Springer

Star Sabre-Robot Masters Star Saber

Sunstreaker-Universe Classics Sunstreaker

Swoop-Classics MiniCon Swoop

Tread Bolt-Universe Classics Tread Bolt

Ultra Magnus-Classics Ultra Magnus with FP City Commander set

Victory Leo-Robot Masters Victory Lio

Wheeljack-Energon Downshift

Windcharger-Cybertron Swerve



Acid Storm-Universe Classics Acid Storm

Astrotrain-Classics Astrotrain

Blackarachnia-Animated Blackarachnia

Blast Off-Cybertron Skywarp

Blitzwing-G1 Blitzwing

Bombshell-Energon Insecticon

Brawl-Classics VS Pack Megatron with customized Movie Longarm head

Crasher-Movie Fracture

Cy-Kill-TT Galaxy Force Gasket

Deathsaurus-BotCon 2005 Deathsaurus

Demolisher-Cybertron Demolisher

Devastator-Classics Devastator

-Bonecrusher-Classics Bonecrusher

-Hightower-Classics Hightower

-Hook-Classics Long Haul

-Scavanger-Classics Scrapper

-Scrapper-Classics Scavanger

Finback-Energon Sharkticon

Full-Tilt-Armada Rollerbar

Galvatron-Universe Classics Galvatron

Gigatron-RiD Galvatron

Howlback- TT SuperLink Desert Jaguar

Icepick-Energon Snowcat

Laserbeak-Cybertron Laserbeak

Lugnut-Movie Jetfire

Megaplex-Classics Megatron

Megatron-TT Henkei! Megatron

Octane-Universe Classics Tankor

Onslaught-Universe Classics Onslaught

Ramjet-Classics Ramjet

Ratbat-Universe War Within Ratbat

Ravage-Energon Battle Ravage

Reflector-Movie Real Gear Spyshot 6 with Decepticon Reprolabels

Road Hugger-Movie Jolt

Ruckus-Movie Hardtop

Rumble-Cybertron Scrapmetal (red)

Runabout-Cybertron Runamuck

Scorponok-Energon Scorponok

Scourge-Ti 6 inch Scourge

Shockwave-Energon Shockblast

Skywarp-Classics Skywarp

Slugslinger-Energon Slugslinger

Starscream- Universe G1 25th Ann. Starscream

Soundwave-Cybertron Soundwave

Spinster-TFCC Topspin

Swindle-Animated Swindle

Thunderwing-Universe Ramjet

Tidal Wave-Armada Tidal Wave

Trypticon-G1 Trypticon

Vortex-Armada Cyclonus/Armada Crumplezone

Waspinator-Beast Wars TM Waspinator

Wipe-Out-Armada Leader-1



Unicron-Armada Unicron

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I was just gonna say I use Movie Wreckage as a Megatron too, and Megatron is kinda his own think.

Energon Cliffjumper is RoadBuster's student

Energon DownShift is Wheeljack(but I think thats a given)

Armada Wheeljack is Skid, SideSwipe's, and SunStreaker's other brother who did actualy turn to the Decepticons

Animated Soundwave and Laser Beak are Beast Box and Squawk Talk

Energon Towline, 1 for Ironhide, 1 for Ratchet, another just to be Towline

Energon Prowl is a young Blurr


more to come later

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I have two full sized Optimus prime figures (Movie and Cybertron) and I have Movie Prime as the actual leader and Cybertron Prime as the second in command.


I also have a Classics deluxe (tank) Megatron and put him as the Deception's Whipping bot (When I get Waspinator, Both of them will be the whipping bots). Classics Voyager (gun) Megatron is the leader.

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... BW Prime as Soundwave is my thing.


... curse you for stealing it. Other than that... not really.


I'm still hoping for Scrapmetal to get his original head back and be released as Universe Rumble. Or Frenzy. Probably Frenzy.

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