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    Alternators Petition! Sign up guys!

    By Rutteger,

    I hate the idea of Decepticons just being molds that reused from the Autobot ones, not to mention that they will be cars anyways. :tfpuke

    I feel we should let Hasbro know that we want new molds for the Decepticons(jets!) Some of you feel that that the cars will have Stunticon names, but we should know that it will not happen, we will have Soundwave and Starcream as cars which is not right at all! Sign up here guys and let Hasbro know what you think/feel!

    Energon in the UK

    By UncleJoe420,

    Well folks, just recieved my Energon Ironhide from Ebay.co.uk this morning, and I am dead chuffed!! :tfgrin

    Good and chunky vehicle mode, and a mean lookin' robot mode to boot!!

    Now, I just have to get Energon Jetfire, to make Powerlinx Ironhide / Jetfire!! :tftounge

    Universe Transformer Line

    By skullfire,

    Ok, some of you know me from more heated threads like "Hasbro Bashing" and "Have Toy Safty Advocates Gone Too Far" I've been the devils advocate and the king rant on these and a few other threads.


    I like intensity and contriversy but now I want to tone things down a bit

    (hey Viktor V are you shocked yet?)


    On this thread I want to discuss hear (read) thoughts on the Transformer Universe line.


    Now I know that I have commented in the past about repaints and that Hasbro needs to start creating new stuff instead of rehashing the old. But when it comes to Universe I have a whole different perspective.


    The Universe line as a toy line was brought out as an all stars of Transformers. They have taken the most popular molds (ones that have gotten the best customer reviews) gave them some of the best paint jobs ever. Some of the paint jobs are actually better than the originals.


    The best from beast machines to armada are represented in this all out war against Unicron. Even better just to tie this in closer to energon some of the paint jobs are incorperating some energon type effects.


    It is a real nice toy line in that they are picking the most popular molds to redue especialy hard to find ones like Jetstorm/drone or Strika. I've said plenty about the repaints so the last cool thing to note is that you have been warned a head of time that these were ment to be repaints from the very begining.


    So if there was a real cool mold you missed chances are you may get a second (and possibly last chance) to find your favorites again.


    The one I got that I was amazed with was the Skywarp. They used a Jetstorm/drone mold and painted him G1 Skywarp colors. It is my most favorite Transformer. I have missed out on the original and so much I wanted to have a Jetstorm (the last repaints were horrible). Now I have one that is suppose to be a Skywarp ( I loved the look of G1 Skywarp as a kid).


    So here lets talk about what you think, what you would like to see them redo for the line (I personally want to see them do a Thundercracker and Dirge using the Jetstorm/drone mold) and what are your favorites in the Universe Line. :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap

    Superlink 7 Torrent

    Viktor V
    By Viktor V,

    Superlink 7 is now available through Bit torrent at



    MP Prime quality check

    By 13athroom,

    by now, alot of us have gotten our grubby little mitts on the much talked about 20th anniversary prime, and for the most part im sure it met if not far exceeded our high expectations... this is by far the finest tranformer yet produced. hands down.


    i love this thing. theres not much more to be said about it that hasnt been said before, and im sure most would agree... but im wondering: how would you rank the quality of your individual prime? what flaws do you notice that may or may not exhist on someone elses prime? for example: i notice that my primes chest doesnt quite close all the way in robot form and a buddy of mine has the same problem with the feet that i have read about so many times.


    i believe that these are production errors rather than design flaws.


    what i wanna know is: what other kinds of "problems" are you guys seeing with your copies, and how many of us have gotten a "perfect" flawless copy.

    "Shining Unicron"

    By CRIS,

    The Transformers Micron Legend Year Book 2003 lucky draw prize is a limited edition "Shining Unicron", from the scene in the TV series where all the minicons combine into during the final battle, only 10 of this limited edition Unicron will be given away from the draw. The Year Book (US$29) is expected to be release soon within this 2 weeks.


    anybody knows the full details on how can one enter this lucky draw?





    Behold, Galvatron!
    By Behold, Galvatron!,

    Well, its been rumored Suoerlink Galvatron is smaller, now its confirmed:


    Superlink Galvatron with Optimus



    Energon Megatron with Optimus



    :tflaugh :tflaugh :tflaugh


    As I've said in my column, this is pretty damn stupid of Takara and not to mention inaccurate to the show as Ep 7 of SUperlink shows Megatron to tower over Cyclonus and go toe to toe with Prime's Super Mode...just goes to show you Takara isn't as show accurate or perfect as they're made out to be....




    More Than Meets The Eye

    By Thorne,




    Alright I have to say this first of all....... 20th anniversary Optimus Prime is everything, and more I hoped it would be. I do feel like a jerk braging earlier and I am sorry that I did. But I do hope the best of luck to all of you in finding one, or in winning the contest. :thumb :clap


    However the topic at hand has to do with the music sound track from the Transformers Movie. I don't own the sound track, but I do have pretty much all the songs on a few CD's. I have yet to figure out how to get a hold of the sound track, since I was only a child when it hit the shelfs.


    The sound track was probably one, and is one of the best sound tracks for any major motion picture I have ever listend too. Every song on the sound track is great to listen too and gets you pumped up whenever you hear your favorite songs from it. It is unfortunate that most feature films don't have all the songs from the move on the sound track. It seems they put the Blotty ones on the sound track and leave the few good songs in the dark. Not this the Transformers Sound Track. It rocks from start to end!


    It is unfortunate that they don't re-release it on CD for die hard transformer fans plus new ones. All the songs helped portray heroics, evil, glory, loss, and sadness, but also moments of happyness too. Not only that the songs also where some of the greatest 80's rock and role I have ever heard in my life. The cover, the songs, lyrics, the instruments, the vocals, the amazing combination of all these together made one of hystories greats rock and role album. Also making in my personal oppinion one of the best sound tracks out there.


    Now a days motion pictures throw a bunch of Blot together, throw that Blot on a cd and hope it flys with the public. Well I hate to say it but it sure as hell doesn't. Last time I checked we aren't all a bunch of mindless idiots waiting for the next cheesy sound track to be thrown at us. The least they producers of new sound track albums can do is to take in consideration that there once was a time when movie and rock and role mixed beautifully.... and that time, that sound track, that movie...... was........the TRANSFORMERS the MOVIE. MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE. Obviously that time was long forgotten since todays productions are about as good as a .5% beer.


    Needless to say if they do make another tranformers movie, I sure as hell hope they don't try and pump out a bull shat sound track with avril, lincon park, sum 41, and other main stream Blot bands that don't belong in rock and role. Who they need is Stan Bush, Lion, Spectre General and others, Plus the new british sensation The Darkness. The vocals and instrumental of the group are unreal! Anyway, I am off.


    catch ya on the flip side



    MP Prime Matrix

    By gkopw,

    OO OO I got MP Prime! Wow look at the Matrix. I'll just put it in his chest...(fools around with him for a while) Hey I wanna take out the Matrix now!!



    Wonderfest Japan Transformers News

    By Silverbolt,

    Snakas has posted news and pics from the winter Wonder Festival in Tokyo Japan. Check out the news on the Transformers mini-bust & diorama's, previews of the new smallest TFs, Binaltech: Streak, Hound, Sideswipe & Smokescreen, an updated Generations book with Lucky Draw God Primus, the Transformers History CD collection and new Super Link figures.


    Read the Full News Story Here

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