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    Energon Rodimus Toy Review

    By Tortle,

    Although I haven't been the biggest fan of recent Transformer product (Energon and Armada have been very disappointing, IMO), I've been encouraged by the upcoming developments. I like the new concentration on classic G1 characters, especially those who have never really seen toy likenesses like Unicron and Arcee.


    I may get blasted for this next comment, but I always despised the G1 Hot Rod and Rodimus Prime. Although the character(s) looked awesome in the movie, the toys were absolutely horrible. However, I did like this version of the classic character. Here's his stats...


    Name: Rodimus

    Company: Hasbro

    Size: 7" (as robot)

    Packaging: Blister card (I must mention that the packaging was awesome, with great circuitry details and nice artwork of the character.)

    Price: $10 at K-Mart

    Pictures: Rodimus Vehicle Mode | Rodimus Robot Mode


    On with the review!


    Looks: 3.5 out of 5

    Rodimus' head sculpt is nice (which is vital to the coolness of any Transformer) and easily recognizable as a representation of the G1 character. The paint application is sharp, especially the flame details. The modified "hot rod truck" design of his alternate mode goes well with the character and looks cool.


    My main problem with Rodimus is with his proportions as a robot. His feet and legs are too chunky and his chest is much too slight and flat.


    However, I will say that this is the first Transformer in either the Armada or Energon lines with whose color scheme I have not had a problem. Even Unicron had some awkward colors. But all of Rodimus' colors work together very nicely.


    Articulation: 3 out of 5

    Rodimus has articulation at his neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. Much of that articulation is very limited, however, and posing him is problematic at best. Better neck and shoulder articulation would have helped the score, as well as swivel joints at the waist and wrists.


    Accessories: 4 out of 5

    A cool, clear-plastic, projectile-firing gun is included with the toy. The gun fires pretty well. Also, as a nice touch, the gun can be incorporated into the truck mode as a jet engine.


    Transformability: 4 out of 5

    I had little problems transforming Rodimus. The process is intuitive and not particularly time-consuming.


    Value: 4 out of 5

    Rodimus cost about $10, which seems standard for a toy of this size.


    Coolness: 4 out of 5

    I love new versions of classic G1 characters, especially those like Rodimus, who never really got a decent toy to begin with. I thought that the truck design actually works better with the character than the G1 sports cars, since I associate leader Autobots with trucks. Also, as a truck, he seems to be more of a rival to Optimus Prime.


    Overall: 3.75 out of 5

    This isn't a great toy, but it's certainly not horrible either. If you're a big TF fan, this somewhat average toy is a must-buy since it's a relatively decent upgrade of a classic character . However, this guy is unlikely to "transform" any passive fans into rabid ones.




    Mike.'s Collection

    By Mike.,



    I've put about 500 Canadian into it so far. Everything is mint and complete, cept im missing the black jet dude from the micromaster air strike patrol


    I recently just traded the BT smokescreen for a G1 complete Sharkticon, and I traded the motormaster accesories for a sealed e-hobby gold jazz. The smokescreen was free from the insurance company ;) and the complete motormaster only cost me 15 dollars, so I said, what the hey.


    I'll just sell the incomplete motormaster and buy another complete one. :P

    Powerlinx Rodimus sketch

    By Josh,

    something i did in like 15 minutes





    Transformer Identity Crisis

    By Agent2man,

    Hasbro must be running out of ideas for the transformers. I just saw an image of Omega Supreme and he looks like the SDF-1 from Robotec. also if you look at the vehicles for Super Optimus the submarine as well as the driller look like vehicles from an old cartoon called Thunderbirds 2086. I also got a look at Snowcat the decepticon. Wasn't no thought there they took the name and the vehicle from G.I. Joe.

    Why cant Energon be one regular TV

    Corvis Prime
    By Corvis Prime,

    Okay, I know Sat is very popular, but I dont have it, I have regular TV, I am just fine with it to, now why does energon have to be on CN, why not just regular TV.

    Energon Episode 4

    By Shino,

    So I saw episode 4 like 5 hours ago and just got around to doing this. Well, I liked this episode alot. lots of action and star saber :thumb But Im confused. I missed episode 2 and im not sure who that snake guy is. And whats with Megatron's sword? Where was it in Armada? Oh, and another thing. Is there a point in powerlinking besides getting a new pair of legs. You combine two guys to make one and so you have one less guy then when you started and the combined dude is sporting a new set of legs. Does combining boost your power or what? :tfhuh

    Has this ever happened to you

    Corvis Prime
    By Corvis Prime,

    Okay this has happened to me twice in less than a year. Back in August I ordered that Jango Fett model kit and I also got the Darth Vader one for my Dads B-day, now heres the problem, Darth came, and I was expecting both, there was a note inside saying they had to split the shipment (Toynk) and that it would come later, never came. So I cancelled the order and went to EEarth and got it. Now I was suppoesed to get the Alt Sideswipe from Big Bad back in January, which was gonna come with Smokes, well Smokes came but Sideswipe never did. Then I thought well Bigbad is like the best so its not them but UPS. This means that when an order is split they never make a new tracking number, so if you check online and you got one package it will say both items arrived, my guess is the Jango and the Sideswipe are both in a UPS guys house or sold online. Please lat me know if this has ever happened to you, cause UPS will be in big for that.

    Um, maybe its this toy but are TFs overpriced

    Corvis Prime
    By Corvis Prime,

    Okay last night I got that 18" Sp Spiderman, and it was 20 bucks, now, heres the wierd part. Its just four inches shorter than fort max, its bigger that unicron, but Unicron costs 50 (I know the electronics add to his price) But it makes TFs seem over priced.

    Okay This Is very Weird

    Corvis Prime
    By Corvis Prime,

    Okay, a lot of you people here are very nice, I havent seen a flame war yet and I have one problem, I made two topics and you guys ignored them. Now I will ask my question again,


    Does anyone know who won the BT Smokescreen from Botcollector.

    My thoughts on Rodimus and Snowcat

    robot roll call
    By robot roll call,

    I ran out to Walmart today on a tip from my friend that Wave 2 Deluxes were in. Sure enough, I found them and brought home Rodimus and Snow Cat. (Prowl and Divebomb are next). I am quite suprised after playing with them a bit.


    Rodimus has an awesome vehicle mode. He looks like some sort of dragster semi, and if those don't already exist, they really should. The flame apps look really nice, like he's tearin' ass around the room, but he's stayin' still. Still waters run deep. Ahem. Also of note, he does indeed have a trailer hitch, and no, it's not the powerlinx point on his fin. it's on the back of the truck near the wheels and it excites me. I hope they do make a trailer.


    Now we come to robot mode. Ah, robot mode. At least it LOOKS nice. But in reality, the only thing that prevents me from being more dissapointed than I am is the fact that he is a great G1 homage. But he is poseable worth crap. His gigantic feet and long legs combine with his tiny torso and head to make him look a bit..off. You can't rotate the legs and this hurts him a lot, all he can do is point his garganto-feet fowards and scratch them like a chicken. A giant robo-chicken. His arms are okay, but the wheel/shoulder part makes for a lack of poseability, nowhere near as crippling as the legs. I blame his Powerlinx feature.


    I have yet to powelinx him, but judging by pictures, he will look best as Inferno's pants. We shall see tommorrow...


    Snowcat is where the surprise comes in. That is to say, I am surprised that he is better than Rodimus. I'll admit I was lukewarm to him through pictures, but now that I actually have him, well, he's possibly the second best toy in the line.


    His vehicle mode, I am told, is an homage to a GI Joe vehicle. I'm sure I have seen it before, but I have totally forgotten what it looks like, so I am judging Snowcat off his own merits. And what merits they are. The white purple and arctic blue work together magnificently to create an eye pleasing color scheme that really works for an artic tank thing. I love the frosted window and how it is clear where the windshield wiper can reach. Awesome touch. And I love the skis that can fold down over the wheels. Excellent.


    Robot mode is what turned me off in the pictures, but those misgivings were quickly put to rest. Sure he's fat, but it just works for him somehow. And I love his skis. I'm not sure, but I think they are a first for a TF. Another great feature is the gas mask he is wearing. It adds a lot of personality to the toy. And did I mention he is very poseable? He puts Rodimus to shame, I'll tell you that.


    If you can only buy one new TF, get Snowcat. He will not fail to impress. Rodimus is a great homage and a cool vehicle, but prepare to be let down by the robot mode.


    Sorry that was so long :thumb

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