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Aqua Teen Hunger Force VS The Transformers

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#1 skywarp666


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Posted 21 May 2012 - 09:53 PM

at the labratory of dr. weird on the south jersey shore...

dr. weird: gentlemen, BEHOLD!!...LUNCH IS READY!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

dr. weird is wearing a chef's hat and an apron that says "kiss the cook". he is holding a tray of what looks like a gourmet dish with a lid over it. the camera pans over to steve.

steve: um, don't we do this every day sir?

dr. weird: SHUT UP....STEVE!!!! OR FEEL THE MIGHT OF......MEGATRON!!!!!!!!

the camera pans up to a giant robot that turns out to be the dreaded decepticon leader, megatron. he has his fusion cannon pointed at steve.


megatron fires his fusion cannon at steve.

steve: holy mother OF CRAP!!!

steve explodes in a ball of fire and flame. megatron then directs his fuion cannon at dr. weird. megatron fires a shot at dr. weird. his last dying words were...

dr. weird: HOLY F*CKING SH*T!!!!!

dr. weird explodes as well.

cue aqua teen hunger force theme song preformed by schoolly D.

at the new jersey home of the aqua teen hunger force, meatwad is watching something pointless on the television. master shake walks? in and says...

master shake: what do you think you are doing, in my chair, where you're obviously not supposed to be?

meatwad: boah, this ain't yo chair. besides, i'm watchin' what's on tha TV.

master shake: oh yeah? well you won't be watching it when i do THIS!!!

master shake smashes the television and it explodes. meatwad starts crying. master shake pulls from behind his back a baseball bat and proceeds to start attacking meatwad with it. meatwad attempts to roll off into his room.

master shake: yeah, you better run! you know why i beat you? because you're apparently from narnia, and that makes you gay. so run off, and play with your goat people and faeries because i pay good money to keep you alive.

frylock floats into the hallway from his room.

frylock: shake, you know damn well that you don't work!!

meatwad: yeah boah, you ain't got no job!

master shake: i told you to be quiet!! (swings bat at meatwad.) we don't want to hear what a stupid NARNIAN has to say!!

meatwad: NOOOOOO!!! (starts crying again.)

there is a loud knock at the door. frylock goes to answer the door and finds carl standing at the front entrance.

frylock: hey, carl...what did shake do to piss you off this time?

carl: fry man, it's not shake that's pissin' me off this time. why don't you take a look outside, on my lawn?

frylock: oookay...

frylock and carl move to the outside of the house and look over at carl's lawn. there they see the stoic autobot leader, optimus prime.

carl: now tell me fry man, why the hell is there a giant robot on my FRIGGIN' LAWN?!??!!?

frylock: well, i don't know carl. what does this have to do with us?

carl: well, you're the weird space monster fry thing, so you tell me and GET THAT F*CKING ROBOT OFF OF MY PROPERTY!!!

frylock: and who might you be?

optimus prime: greetings human and fry....thing, i, am optimus prime

frylock: yeah..uh, that's great, but that still doesn't explain why the hell you're here

optimus prime extends his arm in a fashion similar to the cybernetic ghost of christmas past

optimus prime: 4 million years ago, on the planet cybertron...

frylock: wait a minute! you're the cybernetic ghost of christmas past! only he would start off a story with something that stupid!

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#2 Breaker


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Posted 30 June 2012 - 11:43 PM

Well done. Especially the bit during Shakes torment of Meatwad. I can totally see that in my head.

#3 skywarp666


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Posted 13 February 2013 - 04:53 PM

Well done. Especially the bit during Shakes torment of Meatwad. I can totally see that in my head.

thank you. i've been slowly working on this one for the past 6 years or so. i actually had to repost this. thankfully the internet archive wayback machine exists, so i was able to hunt it down.

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