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2013 generations Voyagers,post your wish list in thread.

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#1 Shadowpanther


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Posted 03 May 2012 - 11:26 PM

2013 generations Voyagers,post your wish list in thread.

Get as carried away & over board as you wish. even if you know hasbro/takara will never make them. as long as their voyager sized TF toys you really want to see get made.

My wish list for 2013 generations voyager sized TF toys is as follows:

1- G-1 1985 Tripple changer springer

2- G-1 1985 Tripple changer blitzwing

3- G-1 1986 Tripple changer Broadside

4-G-1 1987 Tripple changer apeface

5- G-1 1987 Tripple changer snap dragon.

6- FOC Grimlock

7- G-1 1988 Tripple changer double dealer

8- 1989 Takara TF Victory Star sabre. can combine it both modes with victoryleo

9-1989 TF Victory,victoryleo. can combine it both modes with starsaber.

10-1989-TF Victory Deathsaurus

11- 1988 Masterforce overlord sold as two seperate voyager sized toys. the black stealth jet will transform into a dragon beast mode,it'll be sold as a voyager. the teal green/blue tank will transform into a lion beast mode & be sold as a voyager. combine the black jet/dragon & blue tank/lion to form a super robot called overlord.

12- 1990 Takara Zone Diatulas

13- G-1 styled 1986 Galvatron that transforms into a laser canon alt modes & matches the 1986 toy/animation designs for both modes.

14-all the 1985 to 1987 Combiners core team leaders to get voyager sized molds. while the limbs/bots get deluxe sized molds. all 5 toys will combine to form gestalt combiners.

15-Generation 2 megatron that is super poseable. can get a newer armada megatron head & get called armada megatron. maybe even add a minicon port with a bonus free minicon.

16-G-1 1985 Styled Shockwave. that transforms into a space laser gun alt mode. the designs match the 1985 shockwave toy/animation in both modes.

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#2 puma


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Posted 04 May 2012 - 03:04 AM




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Posted 04 May 2012 - 09:53 AM

HA! :)

FOC Grimlock, Swoop, Slag, Sludge and Snarl



2x Voyager Skylinks

...A Springer would be nice.

#4 Fatherdeth


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Posted 04 May 2012 - 12:51 PM

I would rather see these guys below as Deluxe Class
- Blitzwing
- Sandstorm
- Cosmos
- Trailbreaker
- Whirl

These guys below I would like to see as Voyager Class
- Motormaster
- Skylynx
- Hun-Grr
- Shockwave
- Sharkticon
- All 4 dinobots (G1 or FOC)

#5 Taaron


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Posted 04 May 2012 - 02:20 PM

I like Puma's answer for it's simplicity. :tflaugh

Lesee... my wishlist for 2013 Generations would be:

Reissue the Micromaster bases for use w/ Cyberverse
Commander class Sharkticon (Or legion, if it's done awesome like Prime Cliffjumper.)

G1 Galvatron
G1 Sharkticon
G1 Triplechangers

single packed HA-style figures, representing Diaclone, G1, BW, Armada, Energon, Cybertron, Animated & Prime 'human' casts.
Apex Prime / God Ginrai
Skylynx (Either made up of two Scout classes for Deluxe class, or two Deluxes for Voyager class.)
FOC Dinobots (Deluxe or Voyager. Prefer there be a smaller Sharkticon, so Grimlock can step on them.)

Think that about sums up my wishlist of want to sees.

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#6 SuperSaiyanGoku


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Posted 04 May 2012 - 11:28 PM

Voyager class? I thought they were going to be all deluxe class. Are we getting any voyager class figures in next years generations lineup?

#7 Shadowpanther


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Posted 05 May 2012 - 12:26 AM

Voyager class? I thought they were going to be all deluxe class. Are we getting any voyager class figures in next years generations lineup?

Yes,Botcon 2012,the Hasbro live panel announces newer voyagers are planned for the 2013 generations TF toy line. Hasbro at botcon 2013 showed off a FOC Voyager sized Soundwave toy. it's basically a bigger 4 wheeled version of the WFC deluxe soundwave toy. the FOC Soundwave will come with & be able to hold information minions devices in his chest. the minions showed off at botcon 2013 were laserbeak,ravage & Rumble/frenzy.

#8 SuperSaiyanGoku


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Posted 05 May 2012 - 09:39 PM

Really? cool, that will be great to get some voyagers next year. And that Soundwave figure, I thought that was just the deluxe version re-released with more paint-apps and his minions, but that is great that he is getting the voyager class treatment.

#9 Breaker


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Posted 06 May 2012 - 12:53 AM

There are a lot of things on the wish list. For me they are (in no particular order) I know this list is a little long winded but there is a lot of stuff that I'd like to see be made:

1. voyager Soundwave

2. voy BW Rhinox (he NEEDS a screen accurate figure)

3. dlx BM Jetstorm (he NEEDS one too, I dont care how much fun his actual figure is, it doesnt LOOK like him!)

4. scout/dlx BW Rattrap

5. dlx/voy BW Silverbolt

6. dlx BW Waspinator (with fall-apart action!)

7. dlx Tarantulus (NYAHAHAHA!!)

8. voy BW Rampage (need a better one thats not just crab-backpack wearing and top heavy)

9. voy BW Depth Charge (no disch launcher/or better one)

10. voy Animated Scrapper

11. voy Aniamted Mixmaster

12. scout Animated Dirt Boss

13. dlx/voy G1 Terrorcons (dlx limbs and voyager Hun-Grr preferable)

14. dlx/voy G1 Stunticons (dlx limbs and voyager Motormaster preferable)

15. supreme G1/WFC Trypticon (preferably WFC but either would be fine)

16. supreme Animated/WFC Omega Supreme

17. voy/masterpiece G1/FOC Dinobots (that aren't named Grimlock)

18. dlx/voy G2 Hooligan

19. voy TF1 Bonecrusher (long overdo, plus dev team said they'd like to revisit)

20. supreme DOTM Tunneler (w/ scout Shockwave)

21. G1 Sky-Lynx (two deluxes sold as a voyager)

22. dlx G1 Arcee (with ACTUAL car mode!)

23. scout G1 Cosmos (because you cant find the Legends one ANYWHERE damnit!)

22. Crazy colored G2 stuff.

#10 Dark_Supreme_Jetfire


    The Evil Within

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Posted 07 May 2012 - 08:34 PM

I want to see:

Blaster w/ Eject & Rewind
FOC Dinobots
G1 Shockwave
Sky Lynx


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