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What's your over all opinion on the Live action TF movies & movie verse toy lines

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#1 Shadowpanther


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Posted 14 February 2012 - 10:05 PM

What's your over all opinion on the Live action TF movies & movie verse toy lines.

my 2 cents below:


I only enjoy watching the live action TF movies for the couple of minutes of CGI Robots scenes that are in each movie. the CGI scenes are trully amazing,superb & top notch.

I loathe the humans,the dialogue,the stories. shia is the worst actor i've ever had the displeasure of watching in a movie. I don't mind josh duhamel & his army guys. I dis-like shia/sam,his family & friends in the three live action TF movies.

Shia le bouf,is the worst actor i've ever had the dis-pleasure of watching in a movie. Shia ruins ever scene he's in. shia can't act thru the emotions properly. I hate it when shia over-acts & ruins a scene. over-acting by crying too much or getting scarred to much or worse acting too macho. Shia ruined every scene he was in,in that last indiana movie because he over did it with the macho behavior.

Personally going to the theathre to see a TF movie from a humans point of view is a huge insult. is it so hard to create a live action TF movie from a robots point of view. I don't enjoy getting more live action human scenes & less CGI Robots scenes. I don't enjoy the humans stealing all the dialogue spoken words & the robots barely getting a few words of spoken dialogue words per movie. I want the robots to be the stars & the humans to not be the stars.

I didn't like that their were so many humans & so many groups of humans dominating each live action TF movie. it just seemed a bit over the top,too much,too cluthered. different lives/persona's clashing,everyone tripping over each other. obviously the huge human cast took away value screen time+spoken words dialogue from each live action TF movie.

I'm not a fan of the super tiny transformers in these live action TF movies. because their always portrayed as wild cards,crazies,Psychopath's,un-balanced emotions,losers,rejects,dummies,incompetent,etc... sad thing is these super tiny robotas get more scenes & more spoken dialogue than the bigger CGI robots.


I honestly don't care for the weird designs. I'd prefer the toys looked more like Generations or like AEC type designed toy sculpts.

I'm simply not a fan of giving transformers robots hideous bug faces or hideous monster looking faces. I'm a old school TF fan & I prefer my robot faces to look like the diaclone/microman/change--Robot faces

I only bought four DOTM toys which were leader sized sentinel prime. leader sized ironhide, voyager sized megatron. voyager sized Skyhammer. the rest of the DOTM toys,I thought looked awful.

For the 2007 TF movie,I only bought a few voyagers & the two new mold leader sized toys. I didn't like anything else,So I didn't buy any of it.

EDIT CORRECTION: I did buy the deluxe 2007 Arcee. I also bought the 2007 movie deluxe Jazz in those target store exclusive G-1 inspired white+racing decals homage G-1 colors.

For the ROTF toy line,I bought 85% of the voyagers & the three new mold leader sized toys.

I only liked & bought four HA $29.99 toys. which were Jazz,bumblebee in first colors,barricade & Sideswipe in second black colors.

I did buy the walmart store exclusive legends size combiner devestator.

for the HFTD & RTS toy lines,I only bought a few obvious G-1 updated homages that looked like they were supose to be in the generations toy line. I bought the HFTD leader sized starscream because I felt it was a awesome designed mold.

the reason I only bought 4 Dotm toys in 2011. because I just felt hasbro dropped the ball,didn't care & released inferior toys to save money due to the downward spiral economy raising their toy making profits,stuff not selling & gas prices forcing cost to go upward.

I didn't like how the average DOTM new mold had thinner plastic quality,the sculpt was much lower & geared towards toddlers. the engineering & joint technology was inferior to ROTF & the 2007 movie toys.

I dis-like how the mech tech weapon caused cut backs on the robot toys.

I wasn't a fan of the super tiny polly pocker styled DOTM toys dominating the DOTM toy line & out-numbering the bigger TF toys by 10 to 1.

What upset me the most is hasbro only released 6 new mold voyagers in the DOTM toy line. I love the bigger sized TF toys more like voyagers,ultra's & leader sized TF toys. in the past from 2002 thru 2010 most full blown TF toy lines supported by a media cartoon/movie got over 10 new mold voyagers.

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#2 MikePrime


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Posted 14 February 2012 - 10:21 PM

Even accepting the Bayformers style of Transformer design and mythos, the movies could still be a lot better. Overall, I don't care for them.

#3 Lord Atmo

Lord Atmo

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Posted 15 February 2012 - 10:27 AM

amen. Just because you fight for another faction shouldnt automatically mean your face will look menacing or normal. i thought both sides believed their cause was just? At first and for many years, I thought they only ruined Starscream. But then after seeing DOTM, I was convinced they messed up the Decepticons entirely. Soundwave has a face and no vocoded/unique voice? Shockwave has a mouth and proves to be fairly weak without his steed? Megatron being a huge pushover that I ended up feeling SORRY for? Did the writers even STUDY the Decepticons at all? As for the Autobots? Bumblebee should've talked successfully as soon as he spoke his first line in the 2007 movie. He had no reason to lose his vocal processors AGAIN in subsequent films at all. Especially that lame-ass excuse the comics made. "oh uh dhurrr he got shot in the vocals again!" and yet none of the other TFs ever took that kind of damage? Bumblebee got it TWICE? Not buying it...not at all

The humans....Ok I loved Simmons and all the soldiers. The military had a thrilling part in the whole movie. Shaia....He was even tolerable in some of his scenes. But every time I saw Megan Fox, I felt like puking. Her very appearance made any scene crash. And the love story between her and Shaia in ROTF was nauseating at best. She's airheaded and unattractive. Rosie was an improvement, but seemed out of place in DOTM

The toys often fumbled due to attempts at overloading the details. i mean look at the constructicons! Of course a lot of other toys were quite a success at the same time. Take one look at ROTF Leader Optimus Prime. Even today, that toy is amazing. In both modes too! Hell, his alt mode does a great job hiding his robot parts even on the underside! The only downside I can honestly find about that toy is that he's got a bit of a kibble issue on his back. But that's easily looked past anyway. Leader Hellscream is pretty good too, though his jet mode suffers from the same kibble issues that seem to plague every last jetformer out there. Human Alliance deserves a mention too. I'd say that line had many more wins than flops. In fact, I'd say the only true failure in the HA line was Sideswipe. Bad proportions and kibble problems. But the other figures from HA were fantastic! Especially Jazz!

#4 Tripredacus


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Posted 15 February 2012 - 11:12 AM

I like the movies, but don't really know about the toys. That's one perk of being a MISB collector is that I don't have to deal with playing with crappy toys. From what I've seen (I've only opened 1 movie toy) the vehicle modes are pretty cool but the robot modes are BLAH.

#5 Lord Atmo

Lord Atmo

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Posted 15 February 2012 - 08:56 PM

Your passion as admirable. Reminds me of how I was during the Animated days...And I'm getting pretty deep into Prime too

#6 MikePrime


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Posted 15 February 2012 - 09:10 PM


#7 PuertoRiCON


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Posted 15 February 2012 - 09:26 PM

I liked the films for what they were. I love the Transformers franchise, but there are certain things that would have been too ridiculous to put on screen, so I can accept the liberties and changes they took and made. I think people take this whole Transformers fandom thing too seriously. The movies were great actions films which starred Transformers. What more would you want?

Shia doesn't bother me, the humans never really bothered me. I hated the twins in ROTF, but the more and more I rewatch that film, I actually like it more than I originally did. The first film is still my favorite, followed by DOTM and ROTF. I really don't dislike what Bay did, because honestly, if it weren't for the success of the films, we probably wouldn't have gotten the awesome non-movie toys we have seen over the last few years. I only collected a few TF1 figures, no ROTF figures and only 2 DOTM figures and although aesthetically speaking, they are all unique, I prefer the C/U/G/RTS style Transformers figures.

The movies are far from perfect, but I never understood why people get so pissed over them.

#8 Lord_Onslaught


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Posted 15 February 2012 - 10:13 PM

I think the movies were great, considering it was all a fresh take on the Transformers, Bay did a fantastic job. Some of the toys were crap yes, but some of them are easily some of the best Transformer toys off all time.

Human Alliance Jazz
Leader Starscream
ROTF Leader Optimus Prime
DOTM deluxe Seekers
Leader Jetfire
Voyager Long Haul
Human Alliance Barricade

These figures are easily some of the best and can be ranked with

G1 Predaking
Fortress Maximus
Cybertron Scourge
Henkei Onslaught
God Ginrai

I wish Hasbro would stick with the live action movie designs and keep making them

#9 MikePrime


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Posted 15 February 2012 - 10:18 PM

The movies are far from perfect, but I never understood why people get so pissed over them.

It's all the public at large shall ever know of Transformers for at least a decade and maybe longer, once Bayformers nostalgia sets in.

#10 Shadowpanther


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Posted 16 February 2012 - 12:55 AM

The movies are far from perfect, but I never understood why people get so pissed over them.

It's all the public at large shall ever know of Transformers for at least a decade and maybe longer, once Bayformers nostalgia sets in.

Personally,I believe if's it's called a Transformers movie,then it should star the transformers. having the robots barely speak a few words of dialogue isn't what i consider a TF movie.

If other directors like james cameron for that advatar movie. can create CGI Mixed with live action & have the CGI models as the stars,speak the most dialogue words,then theirs no excuse why micheal bay can't do this with transformers.

having all three TF movies with humans out numbering the robots & the humans speaking more dialogue words isn't what I consider a TF movie.

having shia/sam get a huge story plot in each TF movie isn't what I consider a TF movie. the first movie was about a boy & his first car & getting his first real girlfriend. the second movie was about a boy becomming a man & going to college. the 3rd movie was about a boy getting his first real job.

Clearly micheal bay needs to just create a movie called Shia. where micheal bay does a reality type documentary movie following shia around with his camera for a year or two.

It's a well documented fact,that the live action TF movies were written & tailored around Shia's one dimensional poor acting skills. the reason why all three live action movies have so much comedy is because that's all shia can act.

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